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File: rat_sculpt.jpg (832 KB, 3840x2160)
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I'm stuck trying to finish my model with some fur scratches. I hate this fucking sculpting tool.

Is there any way to have a more complex brush that doesn't look like shit?

I tried individual strokes with a graphic tablet but it doesn't look any better with then with a mouse.

Modeling the geometry was easy compared to this bullshit.
Sculpting in Blender takes time. Especially if you intend to make something like fur. I can see that all you did was use the subtract tool and maybe smoothed out a few parts. It's gonna take a lot more than that to make convincing fur.

Maybe try using the pinch tool with a very low strength over what you have already done and layer it on from start to end of where you want fur strands. Adding more fur between "hairs" as you need.

Maybe do a blender sculpting tutorial to see how the tools work and to try and figure out what works best for you.
Just use a specialized sculpting tool. I would suggest ZBrush. There are plenty of tutorials for building all kinds of things with it, and with all probability you'll find some info somewhere about how to exactly accomplish the shape you seek.
I'm on Linux, use only Blender and GIMP/Inkscape.
make your own brushes faggot

Install Windows, then.

t. Random Anon who works on a Windows machine connected to a Linux server for storage and network rendering
You're supposed to use a texture for something like that, my man.
Also, at least use rake.
You can make textures in Blender, just sculpt your pattern on a square and bake to displacement
he should make the texture black and white and then hook it to displacement node
Also when I said texture I meant a textured brush during sculpting.
Although of course you could also use a literal texture on the model.
>Install Windows, then.
I don't use proprietary software with NSA backdoors.
But you use proprietary consumer hardware, arguably also with backdoors at ring -3, so why not go all the way down?
Herpes (Ubuntu) is better then cancer (Windows.)
File: rat_displacement.jpg (271 KB, 1873x1113)
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Looks like the way to go. The sculpting tool is too heavy and inaccurate. One would think they would include some patterns like in GIMP in that huge installer.

The resolution of the reference image is shit and the light comes from the wrong direction for it to be accurately used. I will need to paint the displacement texture I guess.
you are doing it wrong. sculpting an organic shape on a place won't go good.

you need to sculpt a friggin mouse first, then cut it in half and paste it on the wall
oh and if you worry about the other mices. just rig the sculpt (yes you can do that) and pose it differently.
Protip from a lead at one of the big companies: don't practice copying CG. Copy real life. This is a bad idea. You're just copying another artist's already flawed interpretation. Your version without a doubt will be worse than the original real reference was. Don't do that. Just a tip.
File: rat_brush.jpg (403 KB, 2341x1576)
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403 KB JPG
If you're looking to say something constructive you can say what combination of a *brush tool* and *brush texture* creates the required imprint.
Look at this faggot
>Modeling The Rat King
It's a pretty cool looking gun anon, I hope it turns out alright.
Example: https://youtu.be/ndauTYMOB1Y
Also https://pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/alpha/

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