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Hi, I'm dumb as fuck. When you are learning your software of choice and you are given options of features such as deformers, nodes, and other methods of altering attributes and parameters etc. Do you just go through all of them in the help docs to learn what you could potentially do with them? To know what your options are and remember them all feels impractical. Tutorials will show me a lot but when I'm working on my own how do I know what options there are to mess with? I don't know if I make any damn sense. What are your methods for remembering what every damn thing does?
Pick a (small) goal.
Find a corresponding tutorial.
Learn the steps.
Do the steps.
Fail miserably.
Rinse and repeat.
By doing that you'll learn how it does not work and maybe even some steps that DO work.
Do that for hours/days/months/years and you'll get somewhere (unless you give up, then all is lost).
I have found the best path to success with a new soft is ; explore the UI , do a tutorial , RTFM.
Repeat that cycle for as long as you can stand it and you can become proficient after 10,000 hours.

Learn the fundamentals.

Controlled subdivision
Topology = Just enough to give a decent silhoutte
Substance painter and designer, ton of tutorials on this

If you want to do character art
Anatomy -> Bones -> Muscles -> Skin
Study Adam Skutt, other ecorche
Study animal anatomy -> bones -> deep muscles -> shallow muscles -> skin

If you want to environment
Modular workflow
UE4 or Unity
Maybe Houdini if you want to be ahead of the curve, but it not necessary yet.

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