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What's a really easy to use architectural, home-building program, which can be used by a brainlet boomer?
Something even more easier? I want it for my boomer mother, not only is she a boomer, but also a woman.
Uh... The Sims series, then? I can't think of any software easier than SketchUp.
Sims sounds actually like a good one, but I wish there was a program with only house building, sims type thing and not the rest of the useless game.
Sketchup is the easiest 3d program out there
>Something even more easier?
If you think sketch-up is hard, then you already failed in life. Hard.
ThereĀ“s a minimum brainpower requirement for 3D, sorry kid.
Sketchup courses and tutorials that allow you to go from absolute novice to decently proficient in a short amount of time, are freely available on Youtube.

First follow Sketchup's own intro videos though.

Protip 1: You should initially spend time getting comfortable with clicking the third mouse button (often a center scroll wheel) to move and orientate around objects. This makes Sketchup life easier.

If you want to move your POV around an object, be sure your cursor is ON THAT OBJECT as you start. Same with zooming, keep the cursor ON what you're zooming in on or you risk zooming past it into open space.

Protip 2 Use "add scene" to make a few points of view you can revert to just by clicking on the scene tabs, in case you get "stuck" inside a wall or whatnot.

Protip: group stuff. Made a wall? Make it a group. Made another? Make that a group, too. Grouping is especially useful on buildings because they tend to get fairly ... involved. (Lotsa parts)

I assure you that Sketchup is your answer. Just accept that it has a certain learning curve.
>protip #1
don't bother, not on /3/
Just trying to save OP some time and frustration "Protip" is a relative term :-)

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