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Fuck, OP.
Look at those sweet ass creases. Tons of work is stuffed in there.
But to be serious. have you never heard of the concept of uploading hilariously overpriced 3D models and just let them sit in case someone actually buys it?
Also, if some agency for some reason really wants YOUR ball, they will buy it because money isn't an issue for bigger ones.
Most of these sites aim at business customers and commercial use, so yeah...people on a budget are better off looking elsewhere...
It gets even better when you see incredibly shitty or low-poly models going for hundreds.
Haha, enjoy your max 0.5 roughness, plebs.
So...if there are more individuals than whole companies searching for one asset...wouldn't you make more money setting the cost lower since more will buy? IBM is a prime example of this. I regularly talked to an IBM project manager, and they took deals that would only net them something like $20-50 million and up. The small $1-5million deals were all tossed aside and ignored. Suddenly someone realized they would be making just as much, or more, in one term if they went along with the smaller deals nearly doubling their profit.

How did they find this out? They saw what Microsoft was doing.
Because a surprising amount of people, especially 40+ or mid-tier companies, equate more expensive with better with literally everything.
I know freelance audiovis crews that put market themselves as the more expensive crew so regional media companies hire them.
And they do, and then they brag about hiring "the most expensive crew" to cover whatever important story.

Putting your plastic ball at $400 may be an excellent idea if you know you're dealing with people that will make any excuse to justify paying for the most expensive thing. There must be a reason its so expensive, right? It probably has a lot of poligons and taylor polinomials and antishaded triple-quads. That must be it.
>antishaded triple-quads

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