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Stop doing daily renders.
I mean he's not wrong. At least about the part of most of it looking similar and safe. Most of the shit I see from those dudes posting dailies on Instagram are pretty boring. The whole sphere thing isn't an exaggeration. Hell, even Beeple. He's good, no doubt about that, but a lot of his shit is really samey, and isn't really worth a look beyond what you originally see when you scroll through it. A lot of the other stuff I've seen is pretty lackluster as well, though they get thousands of followers.
Those people don't have a ton of followers because they're all that good, but because of manipulations of Instagram's algorithm. It tends to favor daily posts.

Some of it is coming from jealousy I'll admit, but at the same time, I could post daily and rack up followers as well. I just got too much going on around me to really have time for it. After work I just don't have any motivation to do shit like that.

Doing dailies as practice though is alright. It's the same as doing sketches in your free time.
Oh hey, it's the "from now on I will let others talk for me and only upload twice a year because my paysite pays enough now lol" -guru
He’s right, I learned the most by entering cg contests. I came second in a few very small ones but it really forces you to go from A - Z, deliver something and get it critique by people who have their heads in the game.

The daily render stuff is ego stoking and to impress normies
Mr. Node Graph, I don't feel so good
agree.. you can not produse anything worthy, at least if you are creating them and not just compositing them. 3d nedess much work if you want to get descent result in artwork
when I started 3d I was doying exactly that, in C4d and posting vaporwave small vodeos. but soon I understood that I won't be good that way..
and BTW, i collected 1000+ followers in couple of months. if I had not stopped, id have descent followerbase already
but since I started modelling, I almost don't post. my followers are barely 400+ now )) because I post once in two months..
but i did the right thing, now I'm pretty decent with character modelling. and now I'm building assets to make small video.

but I was at least creating whole scenes with animations, who are doying just renders of objects are doying disservice to themselves.
quantity matters, but quality matters much more.
if you really want followers that much, instead of daily you all should do weekly ones and really up the quality. that way, you'll get both followers and git gud. also you won't be out of ideas in couple of months )))

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