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Homage to Escher...and a mystery/question.

I made this "scene" in Blender, re-creating the room from what I could see in the original Escher drawing, placing my camera at the right spot and taking the picture.

So it was fun and I share it here for the hell of it.


What was really intriguing was that I found one of the objects in the original is "impossible". In other words, to reproduce the object in the reflection properly, I had to distort it a LOT. Everything else could be constructed just as you would expect and they all reflect correctly.

Try to guess which object I'm talking about. I'll tell you in a minute.

So this raises the question did Escher purposely draw this object wrong or did he make a mistake? Is it maybe a small Escher joke? Has anyone ever heard about a problem with how this picture is drawn? Have I discovered something that was unknown before??

Ok, here comes the SPOILER:::
It is the table on the lower right of the ball. When you build a regular table and place it in the right position the reflection looks nothing like what Escher drew. I have a link to a "making of" pic if anyone is interested, but the problem is the legs in the rear can in no way be seen and the upper edge bends the wrong way. So to copy his drawing I had to piece by piece distort the table and wonk the legs.

I'm really interested if someone has insight to this question.

BTW, I also took "making of" pictures and also took pictures of the ball from the side, from under, from above, and from behind. I also made made one of a Spoon (homage to The Matrix), and, finally, one with a DiscoBall.

I can link 'em if anyone if emotionally moved enough to request it.
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Hey that's great anon, you are like Christopher Columbus. You discovered something that thousands of people discovered many years before you. A for effort. Keep up the good work.
Post more. I appreciate your inquisitiveness and I'm sure Escher would have liked to see this (and experiment with it)
sure, post them all.
Before you post anything else take your render sample count and multiply it by 4. This hurts my eyes, it's 2018 man.
>So this raises the question did Escher purposely draw this object wrong or did he make a mistake?

Or maybe YOU made a mistake?
An artist deviated from some aspect of reality to better suit their intended vision?
In other news, water is wet.
good post, anon, need more of these. Would like to see more
Ok, Here you go (in two posts):

"Sharp" means it is in full detail, crisp. "Shaded" means I've applied some "noise" to make it appear pencil drawing like. "Hard", when they are available, is strong effects to make it have a similar texture to the Escher original drawing.


Sharp, color

Sharp, BW



===From above the Ball

Sharp, Color

Sharp, BW


===From the side of the Ball

Sharp, Color

Sharp, BW


===From under the Ball

Sharp, Color

Sharp, BW


===From The other side of the Ball

Sharp, Color

Sharp, BW

Part II

Here are "Making Of" pix. Colors are wack because wanted them to translate to proper shades of grey in finals. Keep an eye out for the Wonky Table, across from Bob's knees.

==="Making Of" pix

Bob's pose
Looking from one end wall
Looking from the other end wall
Fly on the wall perspective
Room from above
Wonky Table

And finally on to things I did just because I could.

using a Disco Ball

And here is an homage to the movie "The Matrix".

Escher drawing using a spoon, round side

Escher drawing using a spoon, bowl side

And who could forget that scene in The Matrix where Neo bends the spoon? Two movies that re-create the spoon bending scene

In color

in B&W


Had to do something like that in art school an eternity ago. No computers so we had to unfold the image "by hand" to create a new drawing.
Ouch I feel your pain. Really. I do.
BTW. I started a thread over on reddit too. Maybe you wanna see it:


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