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What is your preferred program for making 3D model animations? Running, jumping etc. for a game.

I read the FAQ and know of the resources and software available to me, but I'm curious about the preferences of more experiences professionals and hobbyists.

I've been doing my modeling in Blender, and it's been great so far but the rigging and animating modules are just horrendous. I've heard good things about Maya in this regard, but not so much about others. I'd like to hear your opinions before making any final decisions with my money.
Maya, industry standard...unlike blender.
I prefer Akeytsu when it comes to animations. It just simplifies the whole process and makes it fun. You can grab it on steam. I hate doing anims in blender and maya it just feels clunky.
Maya is expensive.
I got it, but it's still missing blend shapes and constraints. We are going to get them eventually in future, but I don't know when.
adding to>>638665
It's still great to animate in it, and rigging and weight painting is kinda enjoyable, it's just that it misses some major functions.

It's more oriented towards video game animations, but building upon it could make it a great software even for small animations.
Then pirate it or get an education license. Autodesk won't give a shit either way.

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