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Gents, I'm in pain.
I hate zBrush UI, Everytime i open the application i get a headache.
Mudbox is soo comfortable and i can just get into things, However even with the recent update adding voxels the sculpting workflow isn't ideal.
>Can't chop-combine bits whenever
>Less extensive brushes-IMM
>Less allot of extra bits

Not sure i can stay away from zBrush anymore.
It's "industry standard" people say and i use many other applications old and new without issue, it's just zBrush is just... ugh

Is there any hope, what can i do to survive?
Just suck it up, it's not that bad. I'm comfortable in ZBrush as well as Maya and Substance, how many hours have you used Zb? I started digital sculpting on Mudbox btw... you're right it is more logical and organized, but lacks the raw power, tricks and tools.
>reeeee Zbrush UI is SOOO haaaaard
>aaaaaahhh Blender UI is IMPOSSIBLE to leeeeaaaarn
>I cannot comprehend Substance Painter wtffffff
>UE4 is so messyyyyyyyy
>why does everything have to be so complicateeeeeeed

So much bitching on this forum. Take your time and get used to it. Like the guy above me said, just suck it up.
File: youlittle.png (802 KB, 769x701)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
Blender is just odd
zBrush is the only retarded one in the lot.
I use UE4 and Substance just fine.

I guess the heart of the question is will zBrush remain the industry standard and is there any hope for Mudbox?
I think that with that list of complaints, the only sane course is to find a job in the sword cleaning business.
ZBrush will remain industry standard and i have no hope that there will be serious competition in the next decade.
You can't change that, so change yourself (its not that bad once you'll "get" it.)
Ypu can alter Zbrush's UI to fit your needs. Im pretty sure you can even download the UI files instead of making them by hand.
Not OP here, but I've got a somewhat on-topic question, I think. I want to own a legitimate license for a sculpting software (so I can make commercial use of it), and I'd go for ZBrush of course, but it's too expensive for me right now. ZBrushCore seems too gimped, and I don't want any business with 3D-Coat zealots, so that left me with Mudbox (please don't mention Blender, I'm aware of it and had some experience sculpting in it). So, for Mudbox, $10/month doesn't seem bad at all for what appears to be a more than competent package.

Now, the problem: learning it. There are plenty of tutorials for ZBrush, barely any for Mudbox. So I thought of learning ZBrush and figuring out how to do on Mudbox every bit I learn on the former. Has any of you attempted this, and if so, how did it go?
its fine, you just need to know where the equivalent tool is located and everything should be more or less without problems.
There aren't allot but enough tuts around online, Mudbox is one of those software you learn the basics of and sort out the rest yourself.
Don't worry that much. Just catch a copy of ZBrush in the high seas, make your assets, and blend them before release (you know what I mean). Once you've earned enough, buy ZBrush.

Don't spend your money and your time on stepping-stone software, especially if it's not by far comparable, feature-wise, to ZBrush. This way, you save money now, which you won't have to recover before spending it on ZBrush, and you'll have the plus of being proficient in the program and, probably, already equipped with some of your own time-saving customizations. It's a win for both parties: you save money, Pixologic earns money, Pixologic's competitors don't earn money.

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