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I really want to go to school, but cannot afford to go. Are there any scholarships pertaining to 3D modeling?

Pic related, one I was working on earlier.
I don't feel like googling it but I habeeb there is a scholarship program for Gnomon or Full Sail (the only two schools worth going to).
So go download all the Gnomon DVDs, do all the content, build an amazing portfolio, get a scholarship.
No one can afford to go to school anon, the patriotic thing to do is to take it up the ass and get school loans.
lmao full sail is totally 100% not the school to go to. They are 110% a for profit school and that photoshopped piece of paper they give you doesn't mean jack shit. I've had people that apply at my job literally laughed at for wasting that money and to no ones surprise, they absolutely never finish or are able to keep up with what we do. Literally go fuck yourself for ever suggesting that shithole.

If you really wanted to get anywhere with 3D, download and pirate as many tutorials as you can and learn it all. Buckle down and grind the ever living fuck out of those tutorials and programs. You only need to go to school to build connections, but even then, if you live in a shithole city, you're probably the only person doing 3D. Which means it's super easy to take advantage of your situation and bank on your skills because everyone else is too lazy to ever try to attempt 3D or the ones already doing it are using beginner level skills to make spots/get gigs. It would be easier to get in with local art shows and news stations and build a portfolio on top of all of the tutorials you have made.

Fuck you for suggesting Full Sail and for OP's sake, I hope they are smart about their future.
>want to go to school for 3D modelling
>can't even take a screenshot
is this a joke?
Fuck me for using Mimi on my phone. I'm not asking for critique on my art so I don't see why I have to take a nice screenshot for you. Douche.
I actually had been considering full sail for awhile just so I could get that paper, I spoke with the recruiters and In their words I know about 90% of their degree, I have been teaching myself using YouTube and videos and such for the past four years (although I've known about blender since I was in my early teens, I'm 23 now) I've also been working on my own games with a friend for quite awhile and I do have a portfolio, I just don't know where to start making money on this I suppose. I think I'm decent enough skill wise to actually work in the field but I don't think anyone will take me seriously without a degree... I was able to sell myself to Dropbox without a degree and it ultimately was a bad time. I guess I feel like I'm backed into a corner because I have his high value skill that I've worked hard to develop and because I'm nearly homeless I see school as the way out of it. I don't have connections out here for consistent work although I have done work in the local film circut, I also have gotten ripped off for work a few times. I don't know. My most recent unemployment started recently and I was considering taking the sales cycle I developed over at dropbox and using it to market my design work and land some contracts. I suppose also I don't know exactly what the going rates are. I haven't ever had anyone to talk to about it and I haven't reached out online about it until now.
I have not heard of gnomon but I will check that out, thank you!
I unfortunately have some now and I haven't been able to pay on them, an ex used me (or read as: I unconsciously allowed myself to be used ) as a debt mule to support herself and so my credit is fucked, my relationship with my local college that I was enrolled in is fucked, and the creditors are out for my blood so I can't bite on any more debt right now, although full sail had me tempted though for sure, that's also partially because of the kit they give you. My computer is showing it's age and can't quite keep up with the modeling, super processor heavy and I'm running a quad core. Hence why I was wanting to look into scholarships, so I could do that and avoid the debt..
Take anatomy classes for artists at a community college. Learn the human body and try to replicate it in your favorite 3d software. Seriously it's not that hard. This process takes a while to get good timeline depends on you.. employment is another story. My best advice learn a trade for money keep 3d as a future goal.

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