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6 years animating in 2D and I want to make take the step to improve even more. I want to get into Maya for animation because it's the industry standard but there are barely any good tutorials on it. Why is that? Not just animation but effects, backgrounds and other things too.

Can I learn blender for a while and switch to Maya every once in a while and once I get the hang of things in blender can I just fully switch? Blender has tutorials on almost everything I have questions for.
What skills transfer over? I need to avoid learning anything I won't be using once I transfer to Maya. Obviously the only thing I need to learn is animation, but what are things that might be essential to an animators arsenal?
I'm sure maya has plenty tutorials, it's just that they are paid.
You want to learn how curves work, master the graph editor
Mastering the graph editor would mean I could work in pretty much every program aside from things outside animation, right? So is it still alright if I hop over to it? Blender has pretty much every tutorial on everything I need to learn. Especially since people have more access to it.

I already know the controls for maya and it allows me to use maya controls in blender so that won't be a problem.
Only asking because I don't want to make the wrong decision in doing this.
If you use Blender and follow its tutorials then you will need to use the Blender controls instead. Pretty much no tutorial exists that uses the Max or Maya presets.
Damn, you're actually right. Good thinking, man.
Have you even tried Google? The best tutorials out there all use Maya. Gnomon, Pluralsight, and Create3dcharacters are where you should focus your attention. If you learn from professional Maya tutorials and switch to Blender, you will be a better Blender user than if you learned from blendlets making shitty free Youtube videos or animating stick figures.
>Have you even tried Google?
I have, you butt. I don't have money. Why else would I go to the free solution?
I used cgpeers too a bit ago but couldn't find anything remarkable on animation. Then I realized I limited myself to the word animation so there were probably more results for good tutorials that I haven't seen. So thanks for the suggestions on what to look for. I already see good results.

Already downloaded a shit ton of Maya and C4D guides from gnomon and pluralsight.

>or animating stick figures.
I animate stick figures, anon ;-;
>I animate stick figures, anon ;-;
Lynda makes some great Maya tutorials that will set you up pretty well for animation.
Absolutely beautiful

Yeah, just finished downloading a few. Gonna turn off my internet to keep distractions away and actually learn. Thanks.

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