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It seems like magic, they also claim, that they created game engine with infinite details. But never released it.
What do you think?


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They lie more than Todd and Molyneux put together
Feels like some cheap camera tracking.
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I will never understand why people hate on the Euclideon guys so much. All they are trying to do is improve computer graphics with their tech. Fuck the mouth breathing haters, I am glad they are still making awesome shit and profiting from their unlimited detail engine.
Yeah, you can see the "holograms" get cutoff around the perimeter. Judging from their other youtube videos, it looks like they have IR emitters and IR reflective balls mounted on glasses for tracking.

Most likely this works for one person at a time. Maybe two if they use polarization or active lens somehow. Explains why the room has to be pitch black.
Yeah, people were using wii controllers to do the same years ago. Euclideon are frauds.

>All they are trying to do is improve computer graphics with their tech
They never invented anything, though. Their game engine was just a point cloud renderer, something that has existed for years and is completely impractical for video games for obvious reasons.

>an aussie twink repeatedly telling you that euclidean is literally the most groundbreaking technology ever created, which showcasing decades-old voxel tech on laughably abysmal models and animation

yea no idea why they get a bad wrap

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