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File: Mediocrity.png (652 KB, 1600x1012)
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I'm a mediocre 3D artist, I have grand plans and dreams i'd like to do but with every attempt the visuals fall short.
I can get things done but with cheap visuals/ characters nothing near the visually stunning level i wanted.

Should i settle for less like your parents did?
Can i make silly cheap nintendo styles work with adult content?

File: baitop.jpg (10 KB, 384x384)
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just focus on learning shit like anatomy and realistic drawing could help with that.

generally those top tier 3D artists have strong 2D fundamentals.
I did start some 2D fundies, grinded proportions etc.
Hard to grind endless life drawing to solidify anatomy.

In the end tho i need my projects to start making me money now tho and don't have to skills yet to get shit done to a high level.
>Can i make silly cheap nintendo styles work with adult content?
sure, http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE197935.html
drop acid and close eyes
I've seen this before, guess it's the only example atm.
Either way a good one.
File: RE146033_img_smp1.jpg (61 KB, 560x420)
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It's really not the only example.
A lot of pixel art looks "kiddy", but there is a lot of adult content in that style anyway.

You can have minimalism with adult themes.
There's no way around it without spending the time. 3d is a passion thing. If you can't see yourself getting really invested in this then you'll encounter a lot of roadblocks.
File: 1529377304043.jpg (18 KB, 413x413)
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The problem is the investment itself.
I got into 3D to do it for the rest of my life, to make leet animated shorts and lewd games.
Each year i've had to scale back ideas and scope on my game ideas bit by bit to reach a reasonable point.
This was done soo much i'm loosing the essence of the original plans/ ideal.

So i'm in a position where almost all my motiovation is gone knowing i can't reach the ideals i have in mind and trying to accept what to me is mediocrity in doing the bare minimum that only scratches the surface of what i want to do but i at least have some completed projects under my belt vs a ton of uncomplete shiet.

I said FML for a reason, FML
I think it's because you have some sort of vision in your head that would be hard to achieve by just one person. You try to do everything yourself, because you have this grand plan, but you realize it is too big, and you need to scale it down. It then feels mediocre because it just cannot live up to what you had in your head. Or maybe it is just me...

I think it would be better to finish some low poly game, than work on your own on huge realistic game and never get near completing the overwhelming project.

There is a limit to how much one person can do.
File: jewsdidths.png (912 KB, 1492x532)
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912 KB PNG
Half right, I realized early on it's allot for one guy so i paid devs to code shit for me, went broke doing it.
At least the game project is already coded so all that's left is assets.
I have multiple base meshes and yeah have had to go the low poly route to make the pipeline feasible, spent way too long pulling hair out over topology and being able to morph the same base mesh into different body types for different characters.

Now it's the style i have to lock down, looking at Nintendo etc games, anything to find an appealing yet simple "Same Face" style i can use to basically make 1 character and swap hair/ clothing- morph facial features and have a full cast.

My ideas etc were grounded in what's already possible, it wasn't outright crazy, But the appeal necessary to make it all work perhaps wasn't.

All the great examples of appealing characters are done with heavy in engine shaders etc, I need an appealing style with basic textures.

The old school "Bone Town" did a good job, I need something close to that at least.

FWL the main Game i'm making is a basic Welcome to the neighbourhood style game akin to "Stardew Valley" with a lewd twist.

The second game was going to be a 3D "Breeding Season" sculpting beatiality models did my soul in.

The third is basically a meet and fk like Bonetown was but with a body building story, think GTA3 improving your character to bang hotter chick the more natty you become.

Basic games with minimal features relying on a healthy amount of animations.
The game i have coded already can do the first two NP, the bodybuilding code i don't have yet.

Fk my long ass reply, I just need to stumble across an appealing simple style i can use is all.
>implying this is somehow atypical
>implying this this isn't something every artist has had to cope with
>implying that the greatest creators on earth don't experience these frustrations
>implying that art isn't worth making despite never quite being able to live up to a creators expectations
File: 1527736059335.png (50 KB, 300x300)
50 KB
What do you think of this gents?
Imagine being so degenerate that you have an unachievable vision for the ultimate porn game. Imagine wanting to do something like that for the rest of your life.
You are thinking and worrying of making 3 games without finishing the first one.
For fucks sake, I've seen minecraft characters sex animations... don't overthink it.
You don't need to have heavy engine shaders either, people seem to be fine with just shadeless textures of anime characters. Finish a character concentrating on contour and textures, then spend majority of your time on animations. You know what is important. If you have a rig done, you can start prototyping.
As for your lowpoly in the pic: if you turn loops on legs by lets say 45 degrees in our view you can get shape closer to the high poly, right now they are too horizontal.

I hate the fingernails, and lack of nose with those lips and huge eyes make her look like a fish, but hey someone drew it.

Money. I would be homeless if I didn't make an adult game.

I barely manage to do a decent update in two months, yet the money just comes in.


Forget style just master the fundamentals.

Big tip, bones -> muscles -> skin

Get good at sculpting realistically and it will make you good at stylization.

Look at Substance painter / designer and Modo for fast modelling.

Also, there a good gdc talk on work habits.
5 hours undistracted no internet modelling > checking 4chan, reddit or discord.
Well said, I'm at 2 hours undistracted work and increasing it bit by bit.
I use Cinema4D and have Substance already so Modo i'll have to see how it's a game changer for modeling if at all.

Sculpting more is the key, Perhaps i should learn anatomy by sculpting the forms vs drawing then, seems like it might be more fun; who knows.

Ty for the reply, goes a long way.
>>637752 how much will you pay for developing the style? That's kinda my thing . And BTW I won't ask much ) also. Don't be silly, Nintendo style is not cheap. It is appealing. And games have stunning design. It is not only about d hd textures.
If your rates are reasonable i'll pay that.
Otherwise we'll negotiate something.
>5 hours undistracted no internet modelling
>I'm at 2 hours undistracted work
your efficiency is actually lower than someone who works out those same 5hrs but take a ~15min break every ~45min
academic quarter is there for a _reason_
the only time when it's less efficient is if you enter flow, but flow is detrimental to health if abused
File: giphy.gif (1.96 MB, 400x231)
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1.96 MB GIF
Hi Fek, how's it going? Still scamming furries for a living? Bought that brand new supercar yet? What spicy new lie have you told the furfags this time to guilt trip them into keeping throwing money at your lazy ass even after they finally realize you are a goddamn fraud?
I mean, how do they still trust you with all that cash, even after going well over one year over your self-imposed deadline, even when you yourself basically openly admit you're investing neither those funds nor yourself in your own project. Not to mention how fucking garbage your sorry excuse for a game looks, which should've been ground enough to point and laugh at you since the beginning, or how it keeps breaking left and right because you have no idea what the fuck you're doing.
Geez, 6 years as a front end developer for a failed mobile game company sure go a long way.
Fuck, my job title isn't even "developer" and I'm more of a programmer than you've ever been or ever will be.
How does a mobile game company even go bankrupt, anyway? There's countless frustrated middle aged women that would gladly spend their remaining time on this planet on Farmville after wasting their dead husband's life savings on inane shit. I should know, one of them brought me on the brink of homelessness doing exactly that.
>5 hours undistracted no Internet modelling
Haha, funny, it reminds me of that time one of your fans told me how amazed they were after watching you do a 15-hour uninterrupted twitch session, acting like crunch time was a thing unheard of for people working in entertainment.
I wonder if you ever feel like shit knowing that countless artists out there much more talented than you'll ever be work their asses off achieving more in half an hour than you do in 15 hours, getting paid a tenth for the same time.
Or whenever you watch someone get torn apart by your fans for criticising you even though you know they were right. Do you at least pay them to do that? Or do they do it for free?
>Can i make silly cheap nintendo styles work with adult content?


Sure looks like it to me.

>Don't be silly, Nintendo style is not cheap.

Nintendo's marketing department really is a brainwashing powerhouse.

It's cheap, just like their hardware.
>I would be homeless if I didn't make an adult game.

You would literally make more money with a flappy bird clone.
can you explain what do you mean in "cheap"? and can you bring example which styles are "ritch"
dont get me wrong, I'm not trying to win argument here. or change someones taste.
I just want to know reasoning behind that, as an artist.

I usually work as vidoe editing/graphics. (freelance), I usually charge for projects, not hourly. also I'm not from USand dnon't know what "reasonable" price is there ))
Was gonna give you the usual shit with the whole >imagine being this mad charade but... you're right. I read into that motherfucker when he was mentioned before and I felt the same goddamn heat within me. God, must've felt good to let it all out like that. Imagine if he really does post here. Would like to squeeze some answers outta him.
Redpill: you are always, always, mediocre.

You learn some shading. Some people do it better than you, you are mediocre. You learn some anatomy. Some people have far better anatomy than you, you're mediocre. You learn topology. Look at that guy, he has a wonderful perfect topology. You learn finite element analysis. That guy, ah, what a guy, he can do breasts perfectly.

And somewhere along the way you became a master. You always thought you were subpar. You learned everything, and always thought there were better people than you. And then people look up to you, and it's weird, because they ask you questions you have easy answer for, and they seem to struggle with some weird shit.

You became a master. You are always, always mediocre, but somewhere along the way you became a master.

That's how it works. Keep working, faggot.
That's pretty motivational, fag.
Well said mate, stress to get it done sooner than later was getting to me.
If i'm in it for the long run it shouldn't be an issue but just to work through it.

nice one mate, ty.
And you just stumbled upon it. Put yourself in my shoes, a deluded furfag who wanted to prove to himself and the world that there could be more to the fandom than just degeneracy. And I did it. I'm the one and only person in the whole history of that cesspit who managed to break into the big leagues of the entertainment industry flaunting what most would call their "fursona" on their reel.
Even by "normal" standards my breakthrough was one in a million.
Imagine you had been almost forced to give up that career a mere week before starting it because you suddenly discovered the person who should've supported you throughout your life decided to make you go broke for their own selfish reasons.
Imagine trying to explain to the furfags that this guy is a fucking fraud multiple times and being constantly met with a resistance of twitch-slut whiteknighting levels.
Imagine getting accused of being jealous of the "skills" of someone whose biggest achievement has been "playing with ik and fk for a few days" while I sit here doing shit that goes on the silver screen.
Of all the 360'000 things I could envy him, his "skills" definitely ain't one of them.
Imagine that the second most common excuse you're given is that professional artists actually earn more.
Imagine knowing that the truth is the opposite, and that your GROSS YEARLY salary is lower than his NET MONTHLY Patreon cheque, and on top having actual responsibilities on your shoulders, you're not even getting paid for your constant crunch time.
Imagine that out of your own passion, or as I've come to know it, childish naivety, you managed to put together enough AAA material to make every furfag who has ever asked for money for anything look like a scammer and not even being able to afford a room big enough with at least a lock on the door to have your workstation sent over to work on your personal projects.
Imagine all of that and you'll have a rough idea of all the shit I still have to let out.
I don't even hate the guy himself.
I hate the people who support him.
If he was even remotely good I wouldn't even care. Rather, I would be happy for him.
There's millions of other people in the world who just get handed free cash for nothing.
And I only have a gripe with this guy, because this whole situation hits way too close to home.
I hate myself for being stuck with people who have done nothing other than give me disappointments and reasons to hate living. But I can't do anything about it, anthropomorphics are just too damn appealing to me.
And I can't afford risking finding out whether they will disappoint me once again if I out myself.
I landed my dream job, the thing I always wanted to do since I was a child, and that's the only thing that has managed to ease this perpetual state of frustration and misery I was forced in and helped me keep my sanity.
How fucking ironic.

And he definitely does roam imageboards. And I'm pretty positive he's the guy I replied to. The few details he gave match perfectly.
> Thinking that including shots of your fursona on your demo reel is some sort of milestone for the fandom
> Thinking that Gnomon, Sheridan, SCAD etc don't graduate tons of furries every year and send them to industry
> Thinking that you "made it" when you make less than 40k a year

I'm happy you are proud of your job anon but lmfao. Stop posting here.
File: fall_OPM2.png (146 KB, 740x416)
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146 KB PNG
Why are the posts in this thread so long?
I'm not reading all this shit.
Please shorten your grief to 20 words or less.
>You would literally make more money with a flappy bird clone
pls explain
File: 1530803517612.gif (1.59 MB, 256x192)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB GIF
Mosquito girl did nothing wrong, and life as a artist is painful as fuck.
>tons of furries graduate every year from the top schools and get sent to the industry
Where are the furry video games and movies m8?
Where the fuck are all these people you're mentioning.
All I see are people who barely know what a triangle is.
hey guys ) can you explain what's this about ? ))
Fek. A furfag that's making some adult furry game or whatever. It's one of those pay-for-builds kind of games where people basically subscribe on Patreon to get a build every time it updates. But, there are some issues.
>Issue No. 1:
The game is far overdue. Official release was slated for late 2017. Where are we now? Just past mid-2018. What's the progress? Not that bad, honestly, but doesn't seem close to official release either.
>Issue No. 2:
The guy pulls in $30k/month off his Patreon. You heard me right, Thirty Thousand Dollars Per Month. Three Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars Per Year. This is where it tickles people in all the wrong places, me included. The root of the argument is in Issue No. 1, where there's a lot of promises but delivery on them is slow. The bigger argument a lot of people on /3/ have with him is that he's purportedly technically inept. Can't confirm since I don't watch his streams or whatever, but the most common point is that "he played with IK/FK and that's the extent of his skills". So he basically gets overpaid for being underskilled.
>Issue No. 3:
The money goes... nowhere. So you're making a game and you're pulling in $360k/yr. The logical thing would be to pour that money into development, right? That's what he doesn't do. He states clearly that he works alone, so the money isn't going to a dev team or an art team. He states that he uses Blender and Unity, both technically free products, so the money isn't going to balls-to-the-wall game engines and development software. Where does it go? Literally no one knows. He's sitting on a gold mine he already dug up, and just snoozing on it apparently.

tl;dr some furfag makes 360k/year and we're all very angry (and jealous) about it
Oh yeah, some other issues include -
>Issue No. 4:
He's whiteknighted to hell and back. You try to expose him for being pretty much unskilled and everything and his entire audience will just go after you while sucking his dick and calling him talented as fuck.
>Issue No. 5:
He is very aware that he makes way too much money. At least he tries to be humble about it, but once again his audience will not stand for that. He once tweeted something along the lines of "I know I don't deserve all this cash" and ALL the replies just went "no you totally do! We love what you do". Really inane stuff, in my opinion.

Like that anon said in his post, I don't have anything against the guy himself, but this whole business with his dumbass adult fur fantasy's honestly just out-of-hand, perhaps even out of this world. It's just bizarre to think that out there some guy's genuinely living the goddamn dream. Working on a project you wholly self-direct. No deadlines (outside of the ones you impose on yourself i.e. your "promises"), no upper management to answer to, practically no stress as you work at your own goddamn leisurely pace. Whilst getting paid literal "fuck you" money. If you fuck up, you have an army that'll tell you you can do no wrong. Anyone gives you shit, that same army's gonna give them shit. There's genuinely zero way to lose in his situation.

>>imagine being this mad at some furry idiot on the internet
I don't think I've ever seen this strategy. So basically people are paying for an early access game... But instead of the usual single payment... They are paying the same amount every month? How... is this possible, who is falling for this? Just wow.
It works because "it's Patreon!", where you're paying to "support the creators you love" and the builds just come as a perk. I believe it's $10 for the tier where you get access to any new builds, pretty standard for all these "patreon-funded" adult titles though.
It is quite the scummy practice to be charging by the month in Patreon cases where your schedule is inconsistent, to be honest. Unless the creator you're following creates content regularly enough (like some tuber trying to earn more cash, etc., not somebody actively working on a long-term project), never fall for the "per month"s. Always go for the "per project update" or similar models.
Literally the Justin Bieber of game development.
Pretty much describes it wholly.

Spot on with all those points.

Consider as well just how many young, talented and workaholic artists there are out there who would pick up an opportunity like this in a heartbeat and who actually possess the skills to create something much more appealing, in less time.
But no, it had to go to some random inept who decided to download Blender one day and make crooked dog dicks fucking a hole.
And I'm sitting here with a fully functional prototype that I made from scratch in roughly a month in the little free time I had and I can't afford developing it further because I need to eat. And sleep in a bed.
While some guy out there pulls in that much fucking cash for promising a game while playing DnD instead.
Oh right. It was around a year ago. He just up and stopped doing anything and streamed himself playing DnD for a couple of months. Poor guy, must've been so stressed from overworking himself.
Money didn't stop coming in tho.
It makes me wonder if the humble-guy vibe is just a mask. You can't tweet that you don't deserve the money and not even have the decency of putting your account on hold when you just feel like taking a 2 month break. It wouldn't have made a difference anyway, but fuck me m8.
>And I'm sitting here with a fully functional prototype that I made from scratch in roughly a month in the little free time I had and I can't afford developing it further because I need to eat. And sleep in a bed.
what prohibits you from showing it up in your own patreon
Right now? The fact that the only electronic devices capable of computing I have at my disposal right now are:
A 3 year old smartphone with the power and both volume buttons missing.
A cheap Android tablet.
A 24-core, 128 GB RAM, Quadro GPU, 2 monitors, $10,000+ production workstation which is only connected to the Internet via VM, which I can't use for basically anything at all other than work.

But seriously, what really does prevent me from doing that other than not being able to afford having my workstation with me and not having a Patreon account nor a following that would support it, is the fact that the main character is anthropomorphic. Which means the only people who might be even remotely interested in it are the furfags. But considering it's not a lewd game, then I don't know how much interest I can actually spark in them. And I don't want to risk losing my current and any future jobs for having my name and my work associated with the depravity surrounding the furry fandom to find out.
>hurr y u make it a furfag character then durr
Because I grew up with cartoon platformers back in the early 2000s and I miss those characters.
Even if it worked, there's no way to be sure I would get enough support to pay other people to help me or to even support just myself, so I'd still have thrown away my career.
Heh, in a way, this guy didn't have anything else to lose, unlike me.
Was Crash Bandicoot associated with furry fandom? Did people working on Crash games had their careers destroyed? Wasn't Crash successful anthromorphic character despite not whoring himself out?
File: oSLdOyY.gif (879 KB, 397x306)
879 KB
879 KB GIF
>Which means the only people who might be even remotely interested in it are the furfags. But considering it's not a lewd game, then I don't know how much interest I can actually spark in them. And I don't want to risk losing my current and any future jobs for having my name and my work associated with the depravity surrounding the furry fandom to find out.
If you aren't interested in the cheapo-easy route, which of course is sex, I think your only alternative is compelling story and good production. Back when I was a kid, I used to watch this show: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Around_the_World_with_Willy_Fog It aired on TVE1, the channel -- if I remember right -- with most audience at the time. I don't know if it was broadcast elsewhere than Spain, but regardless it shows that there was a market back then, and it wasn't limited to furries. It doesn't have to be otherwise nowadays, as long as you make something good with broad appeal.
That would imply that I consider my work on par with games that defined an entire genre, which my work itself is based upon.
Sounds a bit too cocky, don't you think?
Anyway, Crash came out before the furry fandom was widely known for its drama and depravity. That and Spyro and all the other ones. That's why they're not associated directly with the fandom.
Believe me, I'd like to think I'm wrong, but I seriously see no alternative outcome.
It doesn't help that I'm basically non existent on social media and I only have chan culture to base my assumptions on.
What about Zootopia? I don't think that is heavily associated with furries. If anything it's more associated with politics by normies, than depravity.
>Consider as well just how many young, talented and workaholic artists there are out there who would pick up an opportunity like this in a heartbeat and who actually possess the skills to create something much more appealing, in less time.

Then why aren't they? It's not like there are a limited number of slots, you know. People fund new projects every day, so why aren't these artists stepping up to get a piece of the pie?

This complaint is nonsense. Nobody owes you anything. If you're not getting attention, then there are a couple of possibilities:
1) You're not doing anything that interests people.
2) You're not going to the right places to find people who would like your work.

You don't magically get an audience by sitting around with your thumb up your ass. What projects are you doing? Are you making a game? Do you do commissions? Do you stream? What steps are you taking to garner interest and build a community around your work? If you think that someone else's popularity is preventing you from being successful, then you're just making excuses for yourself.
Disney m8. They've been getting away with hiding naked women in their cartoons for years, wouldn't surprise me if they got away with doing actual furry porn.
People tend to think its the fandom that is corrupting the cartoons, not that the cartoons are a spawn of the fandom, because it's Disney, for God's sake. Disney cartoons are literally where the whole fandom stems from.
And I'm not a well known established studio, I'm just some guy in a room somewhere in the world.
But maybe you're right. Maybe it's all in my head and I'm sitting on the next big thing and I don't even know it. But if I don't believe it myself there's little anybody can do.

>your only alternative is compelling story and good production.
I've had positive feedback from people who read the draft of the story I have in mind who I was sure were unaware of the whole furry business. I've also received positive feedback for the prototype I made.
But right now I literally can't afford to do anything even if I wanted to. It's sitting in my hard drive that I can't even access.
What I'm trying to say by bringing crash and disney is that if you make it children friendly people don't associate it with furry fandom. Most people still don't even know what furries are.

Normie game like Overcooked has animal characters in it, and it's not like people called dev degenerates for adding animal characters.
>You're not going to the right places to find people who would like your work.
I know, it's what I've been talking about with the other anon.
I literally don't know where nor who to go to.
As for making something that interests people, I cannot be the judge of that.

>What steps are you taking to garner interest and build a community around your work?
None, and I openly admit it.
8 years ago that community began to form itself on its own. In less than a month I already had haters and drama around me.
But I was like 16 and I wanted none of that, I just wanted to find people who would share knowledge of 3dcg with me so I could improve. Instead I only found teenagers drooling over the novelty of my shitty 3d dying to have their OC made by me. Needless to say I abandoned that ship pretty quickly and have been cautious about not falling into that pit again ever since. Probably less "cautious" and more "terrified" than I'd like to admit.
8 years later and here I am, my first job ever is in one of the top studios in entertainment and I still refuse to show my shit around.

I get it, but I also feel that you mean "children-friendly" as in more leaning towards "momma bear teaches her cubs how to count" and less towards "ninja turtles kick ass in crime-ridden city".
My shit definitely leans more towards the latter, what people would call furbait, essentially.

At the moment I don't have much else going for me other than the mc being an animal character, so the immediate audience would still be furries.
I don't know, sometimes I wish my interests were more in line with the majority.
I only learned about Undertale weird fandom recently, and there is many people that just don't know the extent of it. I don't think it was made as a bait for specific fandom, it just happened to click. Same thing happened with ponies - people who made them never intended to get the horsefucker fandom rolling.

And if there was a good new Ninja Turtles game, people wouldn't see it as a furry bait because guess what, most people are not into that, and they don't think in those categories.

So you may, or may not accidentally attract furries, but either way normies don't tend to see a game with antromorphic characters and shout "IT'S A GAME MADE FOR FURRIES"

I think you are overthinking it too much, and you are stuck in some secluded place on the internet where furries are common.
I hope furry dregs will rot in hell, they are the reason I don't draw cute things anymore
>I think you are overthinking it too much, and you are stuck in some secluded place on the internet where furries are common
Yes, definitely.
But what can I do? When you start looking for animal characters on the Internet, you inevitably end up among furries, one way or another, especially when you start to get away from fanart of existing IPs. And there isn't a sizeable enough portion of them that is not sex-crazed.
I should take a look at how the Undertale guy first kicked off his game. Where and who he promoted himself to.

He came from Homestuck fandom not a furry fandom.


Look at grapheon and look at the top 100 adult games. A lot of them are Daz3D render games. Most of them are not furry games.


It depends on how the character look like. Monster girl games aren't really furry character. Furry tend to have a certain look most with a wolf character.

Just saying that if your games look like a furry game, then maybe look at your art style objectively and compare it to other furries art style.

Also on undertale, his work ended up producing a lot of furry artwork around it. Same is with Zootopia. But, there isn't anything inherently furry about it.

MLP is a bit different as the weird fandom around it contradict what the show is about. Slave pony general on mlp is a good example of this, friendship is magic -> slave ponies. Weird jump.

Fandom in general are stupid. Beyonce fandoms for example are probably as bad as MLP fansdom.
No, it's not a monster girl. It's 100% furry.
I waded through mounds of furshit trying to dig up buried diamonds. My goal was to develop a character with that look that was an actual character and not a living fucktoy.
I did it, I guess, but the thing is that someone who knows about furries would instantly wonder why there isn't widespread furry porn of that character.
I've had people tell me I should've put a huge dick on it, granted, they were not the brightest bunch, but still.
>Look at grapheon and look at the top 100 adult games. A lot of them are Daz3D render games.
in what ranking? On free porn game websites?

>Also on undertale, his work ended up producing a lot of furry artwork around it. Same is with Zootopia. But, there isn't anything inherently furry about it.
That's my point, it doesn't matter if it's not a furry bait content, those people will do what they want, just like the mlp fandom. No point worrying about that.

>I've had people tell me I should've put a huge dick on it
I know that some people may say it as a joke here. Normies wouldn't think of that.

Just make a game with furry characters for normies. Sure you may end up attracting some people to it, but just like rule34, you cannot fight the internet.
>Sure you may end up attracting some people to it, but just like rule34, you cannot fight the internet.
I'm perfectly okay with that.
But the problem still stands that I don't know where else to go to promote myself other than furries.
Like, where do I drop a video of my demo and say "hey I'm making this game, if you're interested throw me some cash kthxbai"
well that's a different topic. You already mentioned you have no exposure. All I can say is promote it like any other game. People make early access games, use patreon, send out keys to youtubers, release demos and so on. Think of some indie game you recently found out about, and try to remember how you stumbled upon it.
>Think of some indie game you recently found out about, and try to remember how you stumbled upon it.
Repeated mentions on imageboard small talk.
That's basically how I get 100% of my news.
I don't even look into them further myself, I just watch other people talk about them.
I don't partake in the usual social media activities. If I want to be something, I educate myself, I don't "follow" people who already are in hopes of obtaining their knowledge by means of simple association.
I have my own vision and follow my own dreams and desires.
This is why I don't understand why there would be strangers out there who would be willing to help me realize them. Don't they have their own?
Yet it happens every day. And if I want to go through with my own thing, it needs to happen to me as well.
I think imageboard culture has seriously warped my sense of reality in that sense.
>I think imageboard culture has seriously warped my sense of reality in that sense.
It seems so.

Many people understand they cannot do everything on their own, so they flock to each other. As for yous social media mini rant, it is not about you following people, but them following you. It is hard to get noticed if you were to release your game on steam, you would need to be lucky. You need your own following to spread the word, build your fanbase.
I know, I understand. But thinking about it gives me flashbacks to 8 years ago, where people were flocking to me and fighting over me while I just wanted to meet people who would help me improve. I wasn't even good, I was just a teen with a computer. But I guess the novelty of it was enough of a reason to make me an insta celeb.
But I was aiming higher than just being a Deviant Art celebrity.
Even now, when I would probably deserve it if it happened again this time around, I'm still hesitant.
I guess I lack the personality to maintain a group of internet strangers orbiting around me.
I just can't shake the feeling that I would just become yet another attention fishing whore without even realizing it.
Many people have successfully done it, without having the skills to show for it, just look at that furfag.
In hindsight, I should've probably bitten the bullet and kept at it on deviantart. Damn me and my morals.
I'm this guy >>638323
now I've read your posts. I don't know where to even start...
at firs I was like, yeah, he's just jealous of that guy..
but then you are starting to complain how furriest took your dreams away.. how they ruined it for you.
you are afraid to publicise your game, becaus it will be associated with furries and you'll lose your job?
I mean.. are you fucking kidding me? can you even explain how that will happen?

you are just obsessed with furries, you know about their "culture" more then they know themselves about it, and you also know even more. you know every fucking show, game, character, etc.. which are "associated" with furries. you brought up terminology which I'm sure 90% of us heared first time..
you live in some small buble, who are cospiracy theorists and associate any animal characters with furries.
also youare demonizing the thing you created, by spewing this bulshit, you are telling us that it is associated with furries. most people don't even know what furrie is, and who know them don't care about it. and if some people dislike animal characters, it's because people like you are telling them that it is "furrie bait"(yeah, you taught me this word)

you started with that porn guy, how he does not deserve he's place. but then you tell us that you could have been where he is, but you have much higher stahdards for yourself. but furries, oohhh, furries... they ruined it for you..
>and in reality, you just don't know how to release your game succesfully... lol

you are worse than these far femmnists, who cry thet they were raped, because someone looked at them..

really, what do you want? they exist. but who are popularizing them are the people who talk about them, they probbably have their own forums/places etc.. but you, guys are bringing them out in public and exaggerating everything..

also if you'll ever release your game, only people who'll judge you, will be just some nobodies. whoch are very, very small %.
>you live in some small buble, who are cospiracy theorists and associate any animal characters with furries.
It's called "internet".
At least, that's the internet I know of.
Or, maybe you're right, I'm just blowing it out of proportion. Maybe my perception of it is skewed by confirmation bias.
Hell, I accept the idea that I spent so much time trying to climb out of a hole I dug myself in. In the end, it motivated me to strive to be better.

And hey, I first learned the term "furbait" right here on 4chan, when it was used to describe animal characters that had nothing to do with furries in the first place. But people here were so angry at them that anything remotely anthropomorphic was immediately dismissed. Except monster girls. And shark girls. And plane girls. You should ask /d/.

But anyway. They didn't ruin anything, yet. I'm just terrified they will.
How you ask?
You're right. I don't even know myself.

Still, where the fuck do I go to? /tg/? God forbid, /v/? /co/? Reddit? Tumblr? I don't fucking know M8. I lost the ability to care about growing a personal fanbase long ago. Or I wouldn't be here.
What do you think of setting up a "growing portfolio", in Tumblr or Instagram for example, under a pseudonym? The audience may grow organically as you post new work, and you may get to keep any feelings of "personal attachment" in check, since you wouldn't be working under your actual identity.
I guess. Instagram may work. It can tie into my professional life quite nicely, actually.
And I'm starting to get convinced I've been overthinking way too much.
> Still, where the fuck do I go to?
depends what your goal is. if you are purely trying to get popular, then you should go literally everywhere ))
but if you just want to share your works while also having fun. then instagram and artstation will be good.
Imho Intagram 100% it's the most fun platform, and most easy to use. it's very easy to interact with artists, etc..

also as anon said >>638657
you can go incognito.. but I don't get why anyonw would do that.. no one will care who you personally are anyway. if you were creating porn, then yeah, you should do that, other than that it does not matter.

>And I'm starting to get convinced I've been overthinking way too much.
no dude, you were acting as borderline delusional ) (I'm not trying to offend you BTW)

who gave you that thought, that you can lose job and ruin your career by that... is a fucking asshole..
no studio will lose their emploees because of sexual prefferences, even if he/she were straight up furry. if you were working in church, maybe, but in entertainment business?! lol
that for sexual prefferences, but you are creating animal characters..

internet did very strange thing to people, especially youth. people are creating small communities in soc media, image boards, etc.. then they live in these bubbles, and think that whole world thinks like them. same shit is happening with left and right...

oh BTW )) there is a new game being developed, "biomutant"
is it a "furry bait"? ))))))
you gave whole new perspective on things
I mean, jokes aside, if game will be good people do you think people will avoid it, because it is "furry bait"? no one other then these idiots think that it is a sin to play it, because of that,..
same shit with animes.. there are people who religiously hate animes, don't care which genre it is, they think if you watch ANY anime you are, idk anime watcher? they usually lose me at that point tho ))
My goal? Make a whole bunch of fucking money doing my own thing. I don't even care about being rich nor famous, I care about knowing I don't have to worry about working 3 jobs to make ends meet and not have enough time to practice.
I have this game in mind, then I have a bunch of other ideas that I want to get done.
I'm learning a whole deal of new things working in the industry at the moment, so that's fine. I also have a goal I want to reach in the industry, but at some point I might decide to go back doing my own shit and learn on my own.
Bills need to be paid, equipment needs to be bought. And the latter is especially expensive in this business.
And yeah, seeing someone like that furfag throw that opportunity away because of their own incompetence makes me mad as fuck.
For instance, buying and setting up the same mocap suit we shoved motherfucking Tom Hardy in would cost around 35k.
How many fucking times could he have done it with 360k/year?
But, no, let's watch YouTube tutorials and keep animating by hand, without even bothering to learn animation principles, so everything looks cringy as fuck.
He's literally getting paid to learn 3dcg while doing his own project, gets paid more than 99.99% of people in the industry much more skilled and experienced than him and he doesn't bother doing it.
How the fuck are the people paying him not trying to set his house on fire, seriously. I can't wrap my head around this and it makes me mad as hell.

I wouldn't be surprised if /v/ straight up called it furbait.
But that's the mindset that made me cross the line to Delusionville, isn't it.
But what can I say? Imageboards have been my home for years, and as I said, they weren't too fond of people posting anthropomorphics, especially 4chan. For good reason, mind you.
But the benefits of not having to deal with internal politics, reputation, likes and favorites, drama, nepotism, etiquette, and all that shit outweighed feeling unwelcome.
I've complained so much about furries shoehorning sex into anthropomorphics that I didn't realize that the only one who hasn't been truly able to disassociate anthropomorphics from sex... was me.
Hi, this is my first post over this board and my English is quite broken so excuse my grammar errors.
You are giving me flashbacks of Veramundis, the story and the "relationship" or knowledge of the fandom are similar from some stuff I had found he wrote around....
Thats the only guy that keeps me back of going all out on the porn really, im new on both 3D and 2D I only do colorings for an adult sonic artist most of the time.
Well sounds pretty harsh what you are feeling for yourself man, after I was able to actually talk to that artist I color stuff my mind also went broke and I entered on what you guys said it was a bubble? I got so much ideas for an game or comic that besides the basic plot it's pretty much based on what happened to me since the beginning of the year.i doubth it will ever go into reality but just think of an Personal Tower, where warriors whose enters there can get out winners and with the past forgotten/sins forgiven or get out worst than how they entered there.
It's pretty much an artist list were each floor is one artist and me wining against then would be a way of saying im better than then or reached their level,it's just an idea I will probably never put to reality I really need more will to force myself to do things, I will try the 5 hours stuff someone wrote up there. And yes it would have an furry as an mc and each boss/artist would have some sort of inspirational quote or reality talk before or after their defeat like,. "why don't you just start trying already, you said 4 years ago you would teach my level and what have you done? Nothing! And why? Can you really tell the truth to yourself? Can you face the consequences of an actual adult life with priorities and no one to help you get up besides yourself?"
Sorry if it sounds silly it's just my way to make an list of artists i want to talk someday or be able to drawn like then.
I dont know if I should post the sfm stuff I had done here, to get feedback or to see "use blender".
But what can I say? Imageboards have been my home for years, and as I said, they weren't too fond of people posting anthropomorphics, especially 4chan.
>For good reason, mind you.

Can you explain?
Coz I don't see any reason for carying who jerks to what. From my point it, shows how people are desperate to show how they are not worse than said group (furries in this example)
People were fucking and jerking off, since they existed, People love fucking..
also humans have creative brains, not every one can direct their creative side in useful ways. Some of them are jerking off in wierd ways lol. Furries is not something new..

>But the benefits of not having to deal with internal politics, reputation, likes and favorites, drama, nepotism, etiquette, and all that shit outweighed feeling unwelcome.

Thats also kinda bulshit.. I agree there are some people who are like that, but that is not the norm. No one will say that you should follow every trend, or to pay attention to all these BS. . Actually the more you stay out of bulshit like that and just be you, people Will respect you much, much more. Honesty is an awesome skill to have ). people even love edgyness, if its honest and not fake )
I think your perspective of social life, is also coming from image boards.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents )
Are you waking up?

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