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File: NeQN1.gif (991 KB, 500x340)
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New Reload! Gonna take a break on reloads and start doing full body character animation next!
But for now, tell me what you think? I believe it to be my best yet!

Still too important to use the generals?
Will you ever post in the /wip/? This is the third fucking thread you've created in the past week.
Anyway, if this is your best that's pretty embarrassing. The later half of the entire animation is far too floaty and dreamlike, like it's being slowed down or something. Oh, and saying that it's "because the player character is on drugs!", eh, lame excuse.
Uh no, it was my attempt at weight, remember he's holding a rifle with one hand, and hands move. It's not floaty to me, but perhaps I'll try to fix that.
>if this is your best that's pretty embarrassing.
You have no idea what you're talking about.

So you're not a troll! You actually implemented my/others advice and it looks much better. Like a lot better.
Only gripe I have is at 0:05, when you pause it and go frame by frame using the arrow keys or , and . you can see he lets the gun rest and it stops, which is fine, but the recoil is a bit robotic. Not sure how to explain it.

For someone to recover holding a gun like you animated it they'd have to control their muscles and act against the natural reaction it's have. Hold a heavy book and move your arms in the direction that the gun in the animation is once it's done reloading. Copy the movements and you'll see what I mean. The recovery is linear when it should be a bit more 'bouncy'. Not literally though.

Also thanks for this gif. I was looking for it for a long time.
Greetings from /k/
I like your animation but it needs this:
>More urgency when taking out the magazine possible a fumble of some sort (remember these guys are being shot at while stealing massive amounts of cash)
>The gun needs to be pointed down a bit, remember that the dissy is a little front heavy because of the gas block being upfront
>The arm holding the gun needs to move for the other when going back to the shooting grip
Good luck!
I don't understand how someone who already made like 30 different reload animations doesn't become better.
Also the green is vomiting inducing and the fucked aspect ratio is triggering me...
At which point do you consider giving up?
After doing a hundred reload animations without getting one bit better?
File: 45920.jpg (78 KB, 355x360)
78 KB
I like your threads, theyre a 3/ tradition. keep making em
What do you mean? I can see improvement from the last thread and this alone.
I advice learning reloading animations from Doom 2016
That's because the last one was exceptionally below average for him. He made 1 or 2 really better ones half a year ago, since then its a blur of mediocrity and below average.
And its not only the animations itself, he has a knack for choosing garbage guns with super boring reload mechanisms which just look abysmal.
Instead of using one (hand) gun and repeat polishing the animation until it looks good, he comes up with another gun every time and the result is meh.

He just doesn't has it in him. Every other guy would get somewhere, he is stagnating since the beginning.
Ah, that makes more sense.

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