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File: GeneratedAtlasBake.png (1.32 MB, 2012x1246)
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How was this uv unwrapped and textured? the file name includes GeneratedAtlasBake what is this?
It's a nice clusterfuck, I heard blender has a script for this.
lol, thats what I thought too
its called auto uv project and you should never use it
For me, auto uv is essential when I'm testing my low-poly for baking.
I adjust the LP mesh, apply one-click/auto UV mapping, export and bake. Then make further adjustments to the LP mesh. When the LP mesh is right (good shape, good bake) - THEN, I make a proper job of the UVs.

The alternative is to make the LP mesh, then spend a bunch of time doing a proper UV layout, only to test it and find that the bake doesn't look good and the silhouette isn't quite right etc... so all that time spent on the UVs was wasted.

TL:DR - automapping is fine for testing bakes.
It's auto UV unwrapping. This specific one, from the looks of it, is a very simple algorithm based on the one used in Spore (http://chrishecker.com/My_liner_notes_for_spore#Creature_Texturing). It generates way more islands than just about any other algorithm (all the small ones on top and right) but it's not designed for clean unwrapping but for raw speed of generation, being pretty much instantaneous and thus ideal for procedurally generated and textured meshes.

There are a whole bunch of UV unwrappers that'll generate much, much cleaner results though
uv wrapping is not supposed to be a short process. even if your 1 button unwrap comes out good you still need to fill in dead areas and arrange the islands.
the best one iv seen is uvmaster. but its only good for organic unwraps
>uv wrapping is not supposed to be a short process
It is if you have to use it on a large scale and with fast iteration times. Your use case is not everyone's use case, thus why both slow and fast algorithms exist.
I hate unwrapping, I also hate retopo. These 2 things have nothing artistic about them, nothing is that particularly hard either, it's just grunt work. I feel like a Pajeet everytime I get to that stage. It can take a long ass time and in the end my hand hurts like a mofo. I use auto unwrap every time I can, and pretty often it actually works fine in my case (for a bunch of small objects in the environments, not so much for the hero props).
Clever retopo will allow better or more interesting deformations, clever UV will allow better control over details. But to see the real artistic potential of both, look no further than the Guilty Gear Xrd games and DBFZ, the specific looks of which depend in great part on careful UV and topology control.

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