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Hello, /3/. Ambassador from /3dpg/ here.

Which one of you design models for 3D printing? Got any questions regarding /3dp/rinting? Have anything you'd want to know how it would look like 3d printed? Lets establish diplomatic ties.
Is it worth to buy a 3d printer and make models just for yourself, or is it better to just send files to some company instead?
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Depends on how much of an autist you are, but if you send your models to be printed elsewhere and do it a lot, it can quickly cost more than a decent 299$ printer, in that case it is worth having one. Today it doesn't take long to git gud at printing, but finishing is another story
Do you have examples of what a modern machine can achieve with cheap materials and good finishing processes? I've been thinking for a while about getting a printer, but the plastic/layered look drives me away.
Not personally, but I've seen some that look just like McFarlane toys. FDM will take a lot of sanding/smoothing/priming to get smooth surfaces and really good painting, resin printers will produce much finer layers, but will also need finishing, maybe media blasting. Resin printing is what some collectible companies are using now.


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