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is there a way to sculpt directly on normal maps instead of having to sculpt on a mesh then bake the details on a normal map? like imagine photoshop and you're painting directly on a normal map, but you're seeing the results in realtime on your mesh and the cursor can be projected onto that mesh instead of working on the map. wouldn't this be a more efficient approach?
Yes Substance painter

This is possible but there are a couple of complications

As you probably know, painting a bump map is relatively simple as it only takes into account grayscale values for the surface either advancing or receding

So it's only up or down

Normal maps use rgb to specify not only up or down but x and y direction too

I've seen people paint normal maps by hand, but they do it by painting in the individual channels.

So I guess if in an application allowed you to separate the rgb channels and paint in those individually to create one, that could work

Seems like way more trouble than it's worth really

Also I think Mari allows you to paint a normal map on a model, but I wouldn't know cause I don't use it
With a tablet that detects tilt direction, you can do it in Krita
>what is Quixel
>what is NDO
Jesus people what are you even doing with your sorry lives.
>i am too important to use the questions thread
>people will magically know what software i'm using or have available

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