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Did Rooster Teeth get better at their CGs /3/?
>that fake camera movement
jesus fuck, just point track a recording
Can't even make post-Monty RWBY good, wants to make a second CG show.
I want the drugs they are taking.
to be fair, you can't expect amateurs to turn shit into gold
But they did. They took shit, and look at all the shekels they got from the idiots who ate it up.
just because its popular does not mean it is good.
The clusterfuck that was Volume 5s last battle horrible.
RWBY has only improved graphically.
Fight choreo has taken a dumpster dive, with the exception of like one scene.
And characters just stand around talking while the villains are just standing there.
10/10 storytelling.
File: 1472502009936.webm (2.95 MB, 1920x1080)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
rwby never had good choreo in general.
even the fight scenes, the moment the character runs or walks, you can see the lacking fundamentals
wow, that looks horrible.
I agree with your point, but it has gotten even worse
I have never really seen anything from rooster teeth but that shit looks like a second semester animation exercise.

Would get you laughed at even there.
wasn't it animated by one dude? or is this a whole team?
only the first 4 shorts were
the rest was with a full team
I think they currently have 20+ people working on it.
None in quality assurance from what i can see
The opening sequence with the car and the robot/'exosuit'/whatever was pretty neat. Reminds me of those old Cartoon Network scifi-y shows.
But jesus christ, that "camera shake" effect is repulsive. It's so obviously generic and pointless especially since this appears to be some kind of interface, why would you have camera shake in a HUD? And gosh, that voice acting is subpar.
Glad they didn't show much of the actual human models, because those, uh, don't look good at all. Why can't they at least try to match the look of 2D animation, rather than just slapping a toon shader on their 3D nonsense? All the "drawn perspective" tricks like a super low field of view on the models themselves so they look like they're 2D.
rooster teeth voice acting has always been shit.
Red vs Blue worked because it was mainly a parody/gag show
No. It's shit, through and through. Derivative on top of it all.
Do they still plagiarize models?
Wouldn't it just make sense to farm it to a cheap team that CAN animate? Like Bardel, Cinesite or CGCG?

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