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Guys I need your help as I'm well and truly stuck so here goes:

I want to link part of a large 3D city-scape model into a Revit model. I have .max, .fbx and .obj versions of this model.

Google suggests I either export it as an .ifc or save it as a .dwg using AutoCAD Architecture (which I have) or 3DS Max (which I don't).

Problems so far:
1. Tried to export it as an .ifc, AutoCAD freezes
2. Saved it as a .dwg but every time I try to link the .dwg into Revit, Revit freezes.
3. Tried exploding the model on AutoCAD to trim it down and make it smaller, nope AutoCAD freezes
4. No access to 3DS
5. Fusion360 doesn't export to IFC format so I cannot take the cloud route here

All I can think of, is managing to "simplify" the model in AutoCAD (which is the only program I'm able to open the .fbx file) until it's possible to export it without my computer freezing - no idea how to do this though.

What do /3/? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Using a Dell Precision 5510, so not crazy powerful but by no means shit either and confusingly enough, the file is under 25MB. Revit 2018, Windows 7
FWIW the model opens up as a mesh in AutoCAD
God I wish that water was me

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