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I have been dealing with this shit since starting to learn 3d shit as a hobby (a year ago). I start watching a tutorial and just after 3-4 minutes I alt-tab to discord or some other shit and forgot about it. I'm yet to even watch an episode of those anvil tutorials because I get distracted. Any of you also got ADD and experienced this? What can I do to help this shit?
Watch it through without blender open first?
watch it at first without blender then rewatch with blender or just go from memory when actually doing it?
Just treat tutorials like you're watching a movie. That's what I do and it works pretty swell. Get comfy, get some snacks, turn off all the lights, sit down, hit play. Of course, you'll eventually get bored, but I'm able to sit through maybe close to 2 hours in one go (granted if the tutorial is well narrated and isn't in eye/ear-bleeding quality).
To be honest, I never follow a tutorial exactly. I just pick up on the methodology and any tips & tricks they throw my way, and assimilate that into my workflow.
uh, that actually sounds really good, I'll do that. Thank you
going through the same thing What >>636293
said was good advice thanks anon
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Shut down all distractions first
Do you have any goal in 3d art? You won't want to watch tutorials if you don't have any motivation besides "I wanna learn 3d shit." Have a (reasonable) goal of making a model or whatever you want to do.
I want to become a game asset artist so I'm trying to learn to texture using 3d coat
will do, thanks for your tip
IMO 90% of motivation comes from having a good goal. If you want to accomplish something, then you'll want to put in effort to do it. Find something reasonable you can create.

When I was starting Blender my first goal was to make a credit model from Warframe. It wasn't very good but it got me to watch tutorials and learn the basics of Blender.
right, thank you for this tip. I've decided to make a pickaxe as I'd model, sculpt to add finer details and texture.
Just don't alt tab to discord. It will happen sometimes but be conscious of it and try to catch yourself. It's difficult to break bad habits like that but it is possible. Also start taking adderall or Ritalin.
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Sounds good anon
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Made an extremely high poly version, time to retopo it since it's 10k verts
you have to make time and say im only going to do one thing in this amount of time.

2 hours a day will suffice.
the rest of your times your own.

also writing a list so you know your distractions and then looking at the list instead of going to said site kind of helped me.
Thank you, this seems like a really good idea.
Are you unmedicated? You may find adderall or ritalin life changing.

Why not Substance instead? It's cheaper than 3d Coat and more used in industry. Also it's more fun imo.
my laptop isn't that good and 3d coat runs much faster and I just pirate my stuff as I'm not gonna use it for monetary things. Also yeah I'm not medicated, I might start though.
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update with 9100 fewer verts

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