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Sup /3/. I want to convert some .cob files, originally made with trueSpace 2.0 or 3.2 so I can edit them with Blender. It is relatively easy to convert them to for example .obj but the problem is that the texture is not converted in the process. Is there any program that can extract the texture to for example bmp/png etc? I already tried AccuTrans3D (texture is completely white) and LithUnwrap (it says that it cannot import this specific .cob file).

trueSpace 3.2 still imports and renders the file just fine, but only in binary mode. If I convert the file to ASCII .cob, the file cannot render properly anymore. Also when I convert it to .x (direct 3d file), the texture is gone.

Is there any program that can do this properly?

Here are the file (this is not my github account tho): https://github.com/roybaer/Iso_3D_Experiments

Thank you so much
So now we know what Andrew Price meant with the anvil. The greatest question remains, though: what did he mean with the donut?
That's what you get for using trueSpace and not one of the proper tools of the time.
Tried 3D Object Converter, no luck. Doesn't show any textures. Sorry.

I looked up the file format and I think it's always idiotic to store textures directly in the scene/model file.

From what I've seen you could simply redo the textures, as the models themselves are nice and simplistic.
Thank you. Yeah I will just redo the textures, I wanted to edit them anyway.
if its stored in plaintext Ill just figure out uv coord myself
resaving them in ASCII .cob corrupts the texture
oh yer fucked my boi.
screenshot uv and redo by hand then

oh wait if youre good with python you can maybe read uv off hi res uv snapshot picture
>uv snapshot
do you mean in maya?

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