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yo, cg/vfx student here, sophomore. personally interested in creature design. any tips n tricks? anything will do.

pic...semi-related. i like godzilla. one of my inspirations for wanting to do creature design.
don't try to learn the whole program. Learn what you need.

subdivide only when your current resolution is too low to continue sculpting

always work big forms first. Having a badly proportioned turd, will still be a turd even with the most beautiful high fidelity details

use the grey material. it allows you to see your model's forms much better than the red default material

learn what dynamesh does, and use it if you have problems with stretching geometry. it can be used to quickly get some forms without bothering with topology

switch between isometric and perspective modes often

learn how to use the masking techniques, and the transpose tool

learn the hotkeys to the most used brushes: BCB for basic shapes, BDS for cracks, BMV to grap pieces of geometry and move it - usually great for the initial block out, and BTD to make your geometry planar
Recent graduate here. Graduated less than a month ago, went straight to big budget vfx doing creatures. Guess what? I get to see the real Godzilla.
Anyway, stay the fuck away from creature design. Do it in your free time if you want, don't base your career on it. Base your career on creature, instead. Includes design, sculpting, rigging, CFX and animation.
If you manage to learn Ziva and setup a muscle simulation on your own, including design, rigging and sculpting and a basic animation, you are guaranteed a job. Maya muscle works as well for your portfolio, but the plugin literally does not fucking work and is a piece of shit.
Plus muscle sims are awesome and as a creature artist you should almost have a fucking fetish for it, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Practice the fundamentals.
...has someone used this in porn anims before? I mean, the indie's only $50/month, and I'm pretty sure some of them can easily afford that.
Too much work. Nobody who resorts to making 3d porn has the skills nor the mindset to learn neither sculpting nor anything more than SFM, much less making use of something as complex as a proper flesh simulation. Slapping a dick on Daz Studio meshes and throwing them in SFM pays more, quicker.
Yo, where you at. I worked on the real Godzilla. Only two options actually. I can guess which.

As for OP, you'll have to git gud. When you say creature design are you talking about modeling or actual design? Actual design has barely anything to do with VFX. It's near impossible to get into that field. There are literally 50 concept artsits who do all designs for Warner, 20th fox etc.
That being said, sure if you're good you can get in.

Modeling you can get in easier but there's only one company where you can get started doing creatures as a junior. Every other company will have you model tables and lamps for a year, then humans and environments and then maybe creatures if you're good.
Git gud is all there's to it.
I'm not working on it, I can only take a sneak peek. It's made by another branch of the studio.
With being new and all I don't even know what I'm even allowed to say or not.
Yeah don't say anything. Don't be retarded. There was a guy at your company who recently got himself kick banned from the industry by leaking stuff, the old moron.

Looking at existing stuff from previous shows is a good way to learn btw. What's your discipline?
Yeah I heard about it, you guessed right. But I mean, the guy was stupid enough to let his friend leak stuff on Facebook, of all places.
But I was more wondering if I was even allowed to mention stuff like which branch is working on what. Probably not, considering all projects have codenames.
CFX, btw. Specifically muscle, skin, shotsculpt.

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