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File: fiend is released.png (706 KB, 1135x670)
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Kids are retards who need simple shit and don't know any better. Just like OP.
This, whatever it is, is certainly not made by kids, but by adults. How does an adult come up with ideas for this?
I remember reading something about how these are made only once, and all the copies/variants you see of the same animation style are done by automatic switching of assets, hence why these videos can feature really odd out-of-place models sometimes.
>spiderman in the corner
of fucking course. Apparently this type of video is like the equivalent of maximum entropy; Youtube autoplay always ends up here if it's left alone long enough. That's why they have billions of views despite being utterly inane copies of each other.
Imagine feeding your children's brain with this. There are parents out there who allow it.
It's how liberals are made
Nothing I would show to my kids

There are literally only 3 views by now and it looks like a meme. What do you mean by popular? I never saw these before
These types of things are very odd and uncomfortable to watch. There just feels like theres more to it.
Almost like those shovelware phone games, Frozen Dentist etc.
File: 1527534552504.jpg (25 KB, 463x492)
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It is incredible what massive impact entertainment in that age has.
I'm so glad I grew up with stories read and told from books, awesome cartoons of the 70s to 90s and the like. Sounds like the boomer meme but fucking think about it for a minute how lucky you were that you enjoyed this past while they get fed this actually damaging pixel puke.
In a couple years we will be confronted by the zombies those people created by letting their offspring alone with garbage like this.
Here's an explanation.
Also, if this is bothering, try searching up those weird flash games with Disney female characters that are either pregnant or have crooked teeth and stuff.
I've seen my youngest cousin playing one of them.
File: 1471648879760.png (157 KB, 383x466)
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157 KB PNG
I caught my little cousin watching this shit. I don't trust it desu

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