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What is it with all the Houdini shills on this board?
I see people on this board all the time saying how great Houdini is. I have barely heard of Houdini outside of here but here it's regarded so highly by many people. Is it really that good?
>I have barely heard of Houdini
Because you're new to 3D. This didn't need to be a thread ya gayass.
Alright I guess I wasn't being totally accurate there. I do hear about it just nowhere near to the degree of this board.
That's probably because most discussions involving Houdini are restricted to a couple of forums, and even if the software can do lots of things, it kinda remains as a specialist tool. There are not many Houdini artists out there, if you go by the numbers for other software such as Maya or Max.

Houdini is actually older than Maya. It goes 20 years back, give or take. But it was also much more expensive, past $15,000 or so. Since, I believe, 2014, SideFX started offering Indie pricing, and it's really cheap, so that's been hyping a part of the 3D CGI community since. The only drawback is that it has a steeper learning curve than other software, but the outcome is arguably better, so people who learn it then to be very happy about it, which may explain some of the enthusiasm you see around.

Why the sudden sprout of Houdini users (or so they claim) in this board, of all places? Fuck if I know. Maybe they were already there, but since Houdini wasn't mentioned, they didn't see it relevant to bring it up, until some people decided to post their work, and that called for more.

I, for one, welcome the diversity. I had the impression that /3/ was mostly visited by Blender users, but I'm happy to see that change.
just had a look at their editions and it's pretty obvious why Houdini is being used by people. They have a free version called 'Apprentice' that will let you do almost everything that the full version for literally FREE. Oh you cant use it for commercial but like who's gonna find out even if you do?
And it's not like you wont be able to afford the 300 dollars to upgrade to indie if you do end up making money and you're still under <100k. So I think their licensing scheme is very attractive. I'm actually downloading it as we speak.

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