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Is it worth getting only Zbrush Core, as i am allready familiar with 3ds Max? From what i understand, Zbrush Core only lacks colors, UV, Normal and Displacement mapping? Will it then be enough to sculpt in Zbrush Core, then do the texturing etc in substance painter / 3ds max and do the rest like retopo and rigging in Max (unless Zbrush Core can Retopo)?
I think you can polypaint in core, to retopo you can try this
Why not try Zbrush trial for 30 days, learn how to use it, then see if you will miss the features that are unavailable in Core?

I know how to use Zbrush. I've used it for some weeks at school, but i was just wondering if Core was worth it compared to the full software since it is way cheaper. I guess i am wondering if there are any other features i'm missing out on, other than what i mentioned?

I will only sculp, as i allready have 3ds max, substance designer & painter.

Just pirate it, you dumb fag.
That said, retopo and UV unwrapping should be done in Blender, not Zbrush.
I've pirated before, but it's just hassle. And ofcorse i'm not gonna use Blender, did you even read?
Zbrush is cheating. Don't use it. Don't even pirate.
I have a gold rule

>do they have a linux port?

Reminder that Windows will eventually implode
Sounds more like a poverty rule to me.
Just mount a closed windows VM you retard

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