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Does anyone have this course/ completed this course? It's Organic World Building with Anthony Vaccaro I am currently doing UE4 Modular Environments and I would like to find out if this one is worth doing as it cost crazy amount of money (I just graduated from uni). Thanks
Steal it from the internet you fucking dork. Cgpersia, cgpeers, piratebay.
As long as it isn't course_videos.avi.exe, you're safe. You do have file extensions turned on, right?
I ask because you seem fucking stupid.

Next time use the Questions thread then you'll get more than one autist replying to you
I've never seen any of those CGMA courses on CGpeers, unfortunately.
Unlike you, Post-happy faggot, I checked before answering to OP, and could see that the course is not available at those sites.
>Organic World Building with Anthony Vaccaro
Here you go fag : https://80.lv/articles/building-an-organic-environment-in-ue4/
This is actually a great alternative if you can't get the CGMA courses - just read the articles from the people that went through them. They will usually explain a lot of the workflow they learned from the tutors. That's how I learned about vegetation creation, I just read every 80lv article about that course there is and I improved a ton.
I actually took the class last semester, It was really an excellent use of a grand. The weekly feedback is very helpful, and Anthony was very accommodating for students of varying skill levels. I'm fairly new to 3D so I learned a lot of new skills and high level concepts, but I saw that more advanced students were getting really useful nitty gritty tips and critique. If you're really new I'm not sure I'd recommend it though. If you took the foliage for games class before hand I think you'd maybe get more out of it.
group buy when

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