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so yall are screeching about autodesk being the superior way of life. fine. I wanna learn maya, but the tutorials I found so far are either super basic or too advanced.

Is there a good tutorial series, especially for animation, that skips the 5 iq shit and goes straight to the 22iq parts?
For shading/rendering: Arvid Schneider
Animation: Just watch the basic videos (constraints, layer-animation etc.) and then start studing "The animators survival kit", learn the principles and do the animation-mentor exercices - focus on bouncing balls first thou.

Alright. Question: I saw some obscure video ages ago where someone had like a library where he could save animations and then apply them on copies of the same rig the animation was made on. Is that a thing that comes with maya?
Time Editor perhaps?

That's the exact same problem I ran into when trying to learn maya. Search for "blender tutorial" in youtube and you'll find "How to create a martian landscape" "How to fully model an anime character [1/12]" "Create a photorealistic car crash using physics" but if you look for maya tutorials you find super specific things like "How to rig sticky lips" "How to control the vertex order of models"

Also, in the maya reddit page, almost every post asks how to solve some cryptic maya error.

If I had to guess I'd say that probably has to do with most people learning 3ds/maya in schools and whatnot(?) and as such theres only tutorials for stuff the official courses didnt cover.

But thats really just a wild guess.

Found the video. Seems to be an internal tool blizzard did for their pipeline.


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