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I dont know dick about 3dcg and shit but i downloaded blender and picked up a copy of Blender for dummies.

The guy who wrote this wrote it in 2009 for Blender 2.5, I believe. I just want to learn the basics of this stuff so I could make some silly models.

Is this version of blender for dummies gonna be compatible with the newest version of blender?

In other words: Has blender evolved to a point where using the 2009 version of Blender for Dummies would be just as confusing as going into Blender with no knowledge?

I know this is as freshly plucked strawberry 3dcg virgin a question can get, but I'd appreciate an answer.

I just downloaded the third edition on libgen made in 2015. Maybe you should do that instead?
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>Has blender evolved to a point where using the 2009 version of Blender for Dummies would be just as confusing as going into Blender with no knowledge?
Yea, it has evolved, not much in terms of UI as in functionality. You are better off by following tutorials on YouTube or, even better, full coursers from specialized producers.

There's also the book in pic related if you wanna know the core principles behind Blender, written by the very same Ton that steers the Blendship. Oldie but goldie.

just did that. thanks idk why i didnt bother doing more research into newer versions.
thanks bro
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Comrade Roosendaal sends his regards
Blender for dummies is utter shit, tried to read it years ago, just go to YouTube and make a donut or a gingerbread man
Try some of these niggers and don't forget to post in the donut thread: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChPApwtbkGDRgZrX8oXvMKw/channels
Pirate 3ds max, use actual learning courses, if you manage to achieve some proficiency switch to blender to not pay money to autodesk
I don't want to advertise but you should check out a udemy course for blender I paid $14 but it was worth it
The Mike Bridges one? It's awful.
Don't bother learning 3D from books unless you actually prefer reading over watching video tutorials which are far better than anything you can get on paper.
As much as this board shits on Blender, it can be a good starting point. Search for Blender Guru on Youtube, find some starting tutorials from his playlists and go from there.
There's no reason to start using outdated versions and learning materials when you have the latest stuff available for free.
If you actually enjoy what you're doing - you can always invest in professional tutorials that for the most part are better than the shit you find on Youtube. Cgmasters.net has some great courses when you get the basics down. Keep in mind that there's a shit load of training course creators out there. Can't afford much? Cgpeers is the largest torrent site for all sorts of 3d related content.

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