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Give it to me straight doc.
Do you use patch modeling or sculpting for creating a character model that you're going have to animate in a limited capacity for a 3D game?
I'm worried I've been doing it wrong this whole time and thus forming bad habits which are non-applicable to the industry.
I box/patch model a low poly base for proportions and general shapes and then import that into ZBrush for sculpting and detailing. Learned that from Redbeard's videos.
Doesn't matter if you're going to animate a character or not, sculpting is faster than patch modeling.

Retopo is also much less annoying than having to create the topology while you create the form.

Think about it: sculpting lets you create forms very fast and you are very flexible.
Retopo is very easy to do, and you can concentrate fully on topology.
By separating form and topology you'll gain speed and flexibility.
Patch modeling in 2018 is like riding a carriage vs taking a car.
How I do it: zspheres for blocking out general volumes, continue to sculpt using dynamesh until it doesn't give satisfactory result anymore. then I retopo, transfer the details from the dynemeshed tool via projection. I use this new mesh with subdivisions until the point where I have to bake the maps

You just have to bite the bullet and do zbrush 16 hours a day for two years to get good at character.

I did it, everybody I know who is good did it.

Now I can make semi living money from characters.
I'll look into Redbead then. I'm trying to refine my sculpting skills.
I kid you not, since making this thread I've been doing nothing but practicing sculpting principles on [spoiler]blender[/spoiler].
>inb4 pleb tier
I know, I'm saving up.
Thanks for the tip. This'll be useful for sure.
Gotta wonder, whenever these posts say "12+ hours a day" it's definitely some sort of an exaggeration, right? It's not like everyone's a neet who has that much time to fill everyday, and working for such a prolonged period of time everyday is gonna burn you out within at most two weeks, yeah?

...or am I just NGMI?
Considering how many professional modelers and animators aren't autists and have actual lives, I'd say you're good

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