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Studio XS Free resources thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for aewesome renders!
Hundreds of unique tools to drag and drop into your next Cinema 4D scene.
Compatible with both C4D Physical & Standard renderer and many others: Octane, RedShift, Arnold ecc.

Hope you enjoy the freebies section, if you’d like to learn the best place to start is here!!
You can download any of these, open them up, and study how they work or even use them for your own projects.
If you’re looking for something to play with and learn 3D then this section is an excellent resource to save!
Be sure to bookmark this page, and i’ll keep updating with new free assets.

If you use any of the packs or tools below and create anything cool with, feel free to give me a feedback, share with me your work and your thoughts on working with these XS elements.

You can also show some love by posting on Facebook or tweeting about the XS product or tagging #studioxs on Instagram too!

You may not redistribute or include these files in your own free/commercial products.

I guess this is going to be our freebies thread.

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Free software
Don't promote shit pls
Thank you!
Blender is literally for anon with IQ of 2
Free (you)

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