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So I don’t care to much about good talpology or rigging, are there any good video tutorials for Zbrush that detail not only how to use the software, but a proper workflow for 3d sculpting?
>I don’t care to much about good talpology or rigging
>a proper workflow for 3d sculpting
Doing some work in blender it doesn’t seem like you need good tapology to just sculpt something nice, you just need to be aware of it so you don’t go overboard and crash your machine. (Though I could be wrong there, I’ve only been at it for a couple months).

I figure if I’m just going to use zbrush for sculpting purposes I wouldn’t need to worry to much about that stuff.
What do you intend to do with those models? Still renders?
That’s pretty much all I want to do, my friend also has a 3d printer that’s pretty damn good so it would be neat to make stuff for that. I’ve done quite a bit of traditional art and have been successful with that, but as I got on with it I realized all I really like to do recently is make one off pictures that emphasize form, with 3d sculpting I could work directly with the form without having to account for the logic behind perspective and how the light changes the colors as I can see that real time.
Topology gets easier with experience. You can use it to your advantage so making texture maps is easier.
From everything I’ve watched it seems like when just going for a creative sculpt you don’t worry about tapology all that much until you want to take the model and rig it for animation/vidya/etc.
(Again though, I could be wrong)

Blender is fantastic when it comes to dynamic topology, and sculpting is just really nice in general. But you really want to go into preferences and addons, and enable the 3d printing addon. If you have problems with your mesh (non manifold) , it will usually help you make it watertight.

You will have shitty performance sometimes with shitty meshes and bad work flows, so you will learn a thing or two in the process. Remember that you can use the decimate modifier to clean up your mesh, and reduce the polycount as well.

However, you won't be texture painting these meshes, or unwrapping them in any sane way, unless you learn how to retopolgize your mesh. So keep in mind that while you will be able to make pretty figures, there's no way in he'll you are painting on them unless you find a way to retopolgize them, and that is a topic on its own. Perhaps zbrush has a better way to automatically retopo your things, but it's a different headache to learn the zbrush ui. I read somewhere that the instant meshes addon for blender is good for that sort of thing.

Good luck dude.
>with 3d sculpting I could work directly with the form without having to account for the logic behind perspective and how the light changes the colors as I can see that real time.
yes, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want to retopo later. I personally prefer sculpting first because like you wrote, it is easier to me to concentrate on shapes first, and I can worry about edge flow when I am at retopo.

If you just want to make sculptures for 3d printing and nice still renders. I advice getting zbrush and keyshot.

If you intend to use blender for rendering your sculpts, then look into autopology solutions, which are fine to use for less optimized and not animation ready meshes.

>you won't be texture painting these meshes, or unwrapping them in any sane way
He could go with ptex if he intends to have dense meshes and doesn't care for uvs.
Yep, I’ve been using Blender for sculpting for a while but I’ve been thinking of making the switch to zbrush as I know it can push some things in that area a little further.
Right now I’m probably going to try the Zbrush/keyshot route, but I’m still trying to find good videos detailing a proper sculpting work flow in the software. I’ve found a few top rated ones on youtube, but you never know if those are actually going to be useful or get you started with a bad foundation in the software.
>the Zbrush/keyshot route
You probably know it already, but it's going to cost you about 3 thousand us dollars just for the software.

It would be better for you to just get zbrush for the 800+ and learn retopology and baking.
How on Earth can the owners of Keyshot get away asking that much for it? Isn't it just a watered-down render engine for product shots mostly? I honestly would like to know what makes it so goddam expensive.
Did someone say "talpogy"?
Bump again for good digital sculpting resources. Right now I’m thinking about doing it like I was in Blender where I sculpt each body part as a different object.
for blender: yansculpts,cg cookie (blender training),Zacharias Reinhardt

for zbrush: pretty much anyone. for the style in your picture id recommend redbeard in gumroad
Good ol’ Yan, and thank you for the recommendations for the Zbrush help. I’ll check them out once I get home!
You wouldn’t happen to know if his stuff was uploaded anywhere for free would you?

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