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Does anyone else deal with depression/mental health issues?

I have moments where I feel super goddamn productive and I get a lot done, I feel great about myself and progress. Not in a manic way either, but I just tend to get shit done. Then my depression seeps in at some point and hits me like a ton of bricks. This weekend is my birthday and I'm kinda freaking out. I've taken a big step back and have been seeing how far I have come, if this is the right path for me, realizing that the things I'm proud of noone gives a shit about. My biggest supporters is my parents and my best friend from school. I get asked a lot for free work and when I ask for compensation or just say no, they start to neg me and make me feel like I'm the bad guy.

Does anyone have any advice? Harsh words? Nice words? Words of encouragement? I'm just feeling lost and been down this weekend.
Did you ever try a raw food diet? You might not even know how it feels to be really healthy. Laziness is not only missing willpower, it's also lack of energy and drive.
Maybe start here:
If you don't want to go full raw, at least try to add fruits daily to your diet and increase.
Juicing is highly praised by these people, not only fruit juices, but green juices from wild herbs.
Banana smoothies with hemp seeds is something I ate a lot.

Also ask yourself where your attention is going. Attention is energy, wasting attention is wasting energy.
Meditation is basically the practice of keeping your energy for yourself.

I make a living with passive income selling music licenses. I didn't have to work for a long while and i have my own appartment rurally. That's what I achieved by caring about my health A LOT.

I currently don't eat fruits at all anymore and I'm completely lazy for the last months. I need to eat more fruits again.
Even taking walks and sun bathing doesn't really help me right now.
Hm, to add something not about food. Freedom is essential for not feeling depressed. You have to rebell against a lot of things to feel not depressed. Often times things that are about societal morals. "Don't be so selfish" etc. are terms that are used very often to make you do things you don't want to do. I suggest this guy and his whole channel for this topic:
You wont find anybody else embracing true selfishness more than him. Selfishness in a non-aggressive way of course.
Sounds like you're bipolar. Seek for some medical assistence on the field of Mental Health
i think i can fully understand you, anon.
i'm studying graphic design (2d and 3d) and during the semester even when i feel under the weather i can get my shit done on time.
during the summer holidays, however, even when i have a lot of free time i just can't get myself to do anything, i have lots of unfinished personal projects but none of them seem relevant to me anymore. i have support of my parents and friends as well, but i can't help but feel like human parasite all the time. no luck in finding any internship isn't really helping my mental health either.
sorry anon, it seems i can't really help you. i hope you can somehow feel better. maybe we should try that raw food diet but it sounds a bit like a meme to me.
lol what the fuck is this
>Sounds like you're bipolar.
i had this too. it's essential to observe the ego without following it anymore. you basically have to learn to do nothing and become more grounded.
manic behaviour is when you get too excited about ideas (often leads to burnout) and depression is nothing but grounding you again. what exactly happens when you are depressed? everything feels meaningless, you don't want to do anything. but that's exactly the purpose of depression, to make you stop doing more harm.

it's basically like surrendering to life as a whole.

the optimal human condition is when you can just function. no excitement, no passion, no creativity needed. just being able to function. (not in a numb way, more in a "everything is ok, i feel good" way)
the secret to be super healthy
Honestly anon, unfucking my depression required getting /fit/. It's sort of a survivalist mentality. I was deep in the shit and needed to get out of the shit. So one day at a time, I did. Took like a year of sticking to a routine. Ran a low calorie diet, did loads of cardio- got from 266 down to 187 pounds.

The important part of being depressed is to figure out where you want to go and take babysteps towards your objective. "Today I modeled eyebrows." Is that much in the big picture? Well no. But it's one bullet point that has to be done, and you can check it off now. GL unfucking yourself anon!
Are you jewish?
Not OP but as someone who is also in the probably bipolar boat it's kinda nice hearing this.

Any tips for just functioning?
what a fucking joke
Well said, mind and body.
You can't sit on your ass and expect to think your way out of problems, your mind will sabotage you.
I used to have depression until I grew up. Having realistic overview of yourself and the world helps a lot.
So basically you produce nothing of value leeching off productive member of society. thats why you have spare time to do random stuff and regardless of that fruit theory, are obviously be free of depression, since you're basically doing nothing. you're one of those filthy moneychangers right?
why are you even on /3/

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