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How do I make PBR materials using FOSS software on lubuntu?

>inb4 substance painter
my pc has opengl 2.1 and I don't have a gpu.
t. i intentionally cripple myself and want people to adjust to me
Become rich, buy Autodesk, FOSS all their software, use it for your original goal.

Alternatively, use Blender.
make them all by hand
PBR is essentially just a set of values spread across either a Albedo, Specular, and Glossiness map, or Base Color, Metalness, and Roughness map. You'll need an application that can accurately reflect what those values are doing, but you could easily create them in GIMP or Photoshop with a little bit of practice at understanding what the different values in each map do.
>my pc has opengl 2.1 and I don't have a gpu.

Give it up, you wouldn't even be able to use Blender with OpenGL 2.1 after 2.8. Just get a GPU from the last 8 years
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>I don't have a gpu
Good luck trying to PBR with a fucking toaster
If blender doesnt have a magic material that handles pbr for you just follow this shitty workflow.
The less reflective you want something the bigger and less intense the specular highlight should be (learn physics to figure out how much cause I dont know).
If you add subsurface then take away diffuse (eg. 25% subsurface, leave 75% diffuse)
Dont have specular highlights and reflections on top of each other.
More light CAN NOT exit then enters (dont put reflections or diffuse to 200%)
Thats about all I can think of.

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