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File: front.png (229 KB, 622x1097)
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So I am feeling more demotivated to shelf this project and work on another project in the mean time, as this works keeps distracting me from doing other things. I need some guidance or tips to make Zero look as good as the reference sheet.

Here's the front and side view [1/2]
File: side.png (152 KB, 622x1097)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
File: FRONT IN.png (40 KB, 385x821)
40 KB
And here's the wireframe view [1/2]
File: SIDE IN.png (28 KB, 428x806)
28 KB
File: ZeroCharSheetX5.jpg (526 KB, 1772x838)
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526 KB JPG
And here's the reference sheet. The model is obviously sub-dividable, but the help would be much restricting if I keep it that way to show progress.
First thing I see is that your model has small arms and chest armor. Look at the reference. They're much beefier and he looks more heroic.
File: 1-1.png (38 KB, 396x747)
38 KB
Here's a new version

File: 1-2.png (26 KB, 278x742)
26 KB

[spoiler] I literally forgot to remove subdivision modifier. [/spoiler]
Is that Sonic?
Zero from Megaman X
File: 1528966297289.jpg (44 KB, 512x512)
44 KB
shiiieeet, you're so fucking far
proportions and details are atrocious desu
her boobs are cute and i like her pantsu ^_^
shrink head, make legs a bit shorter
Which leg, the cylinder?
File: Zero new.png (524 KB, 1920x1080)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
Alright, but I got to be careful not to mess up this model. [1/2]
File: New 2.png (68 KB, 849x806)
68 KB
Keep working on it. Practice pays off
File: wow.png (145 KB, 548x696)
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145 KB PNG
Thanks, but I still need guidance, as the reference sheet and the official model I checked threw me off so hard.

[spoilers] I show this to other losers, and no positive response about it in Discord. [/spoilers]
[spoilers] I mean not even a single response if its good or bad about it in Discord. [spoilers/]
It's [spoiler] [/spoiler]. Anyway, spoiler function's probably not activated on /3/.

Thanks for the heads-up.
No: you need to be careful not to get too attached to your model.

Ultimately, I think the issue here is that your proportions are messed up compared to the reference - I'm not sure you spent enough time observing your reference.

Indeed, but I got baffled when I been seeing other 3D models after it didn't look right. Not sure what else is the proportion errors.
The reference you posted is roughly 5 and (just over) half heads tall - yours is 5 heads tall, which makes the overall head seem bigger and the model shorter/squatter

the reference tapers more from the chest to the waist - yours doesn't, making it seem too 'blocky', the hips/pelvis area is too wide.

Also, your model looks too straight because you didn't try and include the subtle bend the legs/arms have - your model's arms are perfectly straight.

Make these adjustments using proportional editing or scaling, whatever (remember to ctrl-a apply scale)

Once you've ironed out these proportional issues you might find you're happier with your model, then you can go on to look at doing things like smoothing out his chest armour

When I work from references where characters are concerned, I always start by making some basic measurements - how many heads tall/wide, outlining the silhouette in a bright colour to see the important contours, you might find that helps you before you even dive into modelling
Although more information would be great, [is the face okay?], thank you so much.

What do you mean about the last part of the measurements? Is there best options for Blender?

Just wondering, how many years were you in the 3D enthusiast?
Can't really comment on the face, the wireframes you have posted are too cluttered/overlapped for me to see its topology, and without textures it's hard for me to judge. This early on, it at least looks like a face. You can always open it up in sculpt mode and pull/magnify/shrink certain features to make them look better - if you separate ( the face, and add the multiresolution modifier, you can increase the level of detail on the face to give yourself more vertices to work with (think of it as the subdivision modifier but more malleable)

The last part, I literally just mean getting your reference image (>>632732) and opening it up in a graphics program (gimp, paint, photoshop) and then outlining the biggest, basic shapes with a pen, cropping a copy of the head unit and setting it up from the head to the feet to see how tall your model will need to be. think of it as reducing the character to its basic blocks

If you haven't already, you should be using your reference image as a background image (only works in orthographic mode) in Blender, set to appear on your Y and X axis, and scaling it to fit your model/vice versa.

I don't think you've got off to a bad start, really. I've been into 3d for a couple of years.

In the future I would suggest you post your work in the /wip/ threads
File: 11111.png (1.48 MB, 1281x1640)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
How does multi-resolution modifier work? Is it like the combination of subdivision surface and shape key except without the Value ability? It feels the same thing to me.

Do I have to use 3D objects or primitive shapes then to work toward it? I get annoyed working with sphere, as shown in the top page, as it looks to rugged.

How can you tell I didn't got off a bad start?

Alright, I'll try next time.

Here's the face part. I'm sorry for asking too many questions, but it's one of great things for me to learn.
God anime is atrocious.

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