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Wrinkles. How do I do them? How do I get better? WIP eye I've been working on, lemme know what u think pls. Probably gonna tone down a lot of folds once i get a good form
>Post in a fucking WIP thread...
Yep, let's divert entire discussion on /3/ into 2 general threads: noob one and WIP one. Because you are too autistic to get over old and shit threads being moved to archive. Retard.
I didn't post in WIP cuz i thought this could be a cool discussion for how to make wrinkles n junk
ya ive been using the zbrush built in alphas and sculpting a lot by hand
>I'm so special, I need my own thread
The only autistic one I see is you, OP.
Its kinda ridiculous how this board react to new threads, some are so aclimated to how slow it is and are frightened when something happens
It's not really that. Showing off is just a rude thing to do, especially when everyone's at the same level of anonymity. We're more against creating your own threads here because it's simply established board culture. If everyone posts willingly in the /wip/ threads, why should you be allowed to create your own? Like an anon said in another thread, no one deserves their own thread for their own work. Even if /3/ somehow ramps up in activity, I'm pretty sure we'll continue forcing people into our /wip/s and /questions/. Those threads just get to refresh every week or so rather than staying active for nearly three weeks to a month at a time.

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