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where dem cadmans at?
no cadmans ;_;
thats a dickman faggit
can any cadmans help me understand wtf im looking at?

the bit in red circle, looks like a blend of some kind perhaps. its done in alias and im using rhino.
Semi new cadman here, working mostly in inventor and some AutoCAD because REEEEEEEEE LEGACY PARTS. Doesnt seem like there's a lot of drafting on this board, just 3d animation and shit.
yea its lonely being a cadmans.
In Rhino , to achieve that result, you could drape a surface on that ellipsoid, then project curves from above to trim that surface. Better to just trim the original ellipsoid and lofted surface, and then blend surfaces with tangency constraints.
File: intersect sphere.jpg (24 KB, 1244x619)
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I tried drape but didn't get pretty results.
yea someone else said that on the alias forum. it being a sphere blend. it achieves something similar but the tops very bulgey.
I thought it might be a circular trim of the original surface, then lift it and blend. but that leaves the surface too flat.
If you generate a single surface, the use of the MoveUVN command may allow you to achieve a shape that is closer to your desired result.
that might work, im always wary of manipulating uv points incase I make it bumpy.
> I make it bumpy
You need to build/rebuild that surface to have as few control points as possible to create the shape
that's true isn't it. im still at that point where im trying to remember to apply everything ive learnt when modeling. I miss basics sometime them im like doh.

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