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Im in a pickle /3/, Im on a team remastering an old game from the early 2000's, we've been in development for a few years and we want to get it out and done. Right now im fighting the urge to import the model and trace the damn thing. I fear that it will stunt my growth since id be tracing a mesh and not modeling it freely. I just finished up with my deadlines and im doing extra work while I await some new ones, what would you guys do? Trace to get it done or take some more time and model it only using ref images?
if you decide to "trace" it, think of it as a retopo practice, rather than modeling.

Timesplitters, by any chance? If so, that thing has been in development for a frankly embarassing amount of time at this point.

Just 'trace' it. Like >>631779 said, it's retopo, and it's not like being able to retopo a low poly model into a high one is a worthless skill.

Get the job done. That's what matters.

Having a completed project on your resume is more important than anything else, and if you sit in development hell forever, you'll never get there.
1)get the shit done

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