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You cannot reply anymore.

File: 1518934721932.jpg (159 KB, 1039x1200)
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My new Gun reload animation


Tell me what you think
File: yiizrHo.jpg (107 KB, 508x508)
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>stewing and brewing
pretty good but it should have more weight i think when he puts the clip in
Oh I see, I noticed that too, unfortunately too late... other than that, would you say it's AAA game material or no?
That's... hot.
Oh shit, the gun reload anon is back. Same thing as usual, stop uploading your clips in fucked up resolutions/aspect ratios with all the letterboxing, mate. It's hard to scrutinise when you present it in such a warped fashion.
I literally cannot help it. The .3ds file for the rig must have some fucked up code in it that is doing this. I've tried exporting it in every codex imaginable but it remains the same. You can clearly see what is going on, stop looking for things to nitpick.
I think that you should post in the WIP thread.
Yeah it can
clip snaps in too much, Place the tip of the clip in first then snap it in.
where do you get the models from?
youtube, P3mdru and game banana
And where did you get the hands from? Cus i cant find any good ones to use

in the description - this is the Bo2 arm rig
Leather gloves arm rig

Download in the description
Other anon here.
I told you months ago that the fucking presentation counts. Its not just the actual work, it is very important how you present it.
You still haven't fixed the shitty tasteless colored background, the fucking wrong aspect ration, the same ancient model....
This is not nitpicking, you showed a complete disregard for it, therefore i have to think you are too fucking stupid to actually do it.
I don't want to listen to your stupid excuses, i don't care why you can't do it.
Doesn't help that the actual content, the reload animation is as mediocre/boring/unimpressive as your first one. You developed not a single bit.
I've seen how much feedback you've got from all the people, yet you are still unable to improve in ONE SINGLE DISCIPLINE.

I am usually positive and encouraging not wanting to push people down, but you my friend have shown to be unable to get better, so i suggest that you stop and search for something else.
You'll get nowhere with this.
And stop asking people if it is AAA game material.
It is not, not even B yet. Those who say it is are either fucking with you or suffer from Dunning Kruger effect.
Is that a man?
Why does how I present it matter? Is this a beauty contest? Can your dumbass not look past just the animation itself? I don't give a shit about what you think about my color choices. My model is a BO2 Rig that almost everyone uses. I use a green background for MY personal greenscreen uses.

The aspect ratio like I have said, but your dumbass can't read: NOT MY FAULT the .max file is corrupted and my render aspect ratio is fucked. No matter what I export it in, or redownload, it cannot be fixed. It shows the animation as is and is not a big deal. This is nitpicking.

I too have been on reddit and learned big words! Sorry that you don't think my animation is good because you don't like the Cowur of my backgwound. Dipshit.
>Is this a beauty contest?
If you don't understand why presentation is important than I don't know what to tell you. Presentation is not some afterthought, it's the entire packaging of your product. You NEED good presentation otherwise it sours the whole thing.

Your reload is fine, the presentation brings it down to irrelevancy. Do you think AAA devs don't care about presentation or something?

If you work this out you'll be fine.

That said, I still suspect you're a massively invested troll and if so, I respect what you're doing.
I'm not presenting it to anyone for anything besides my ANIMATION itself. This isn't a reel, this isn't anything else. Idiot's like you see an attractive person but say "Hair is bad so you are completely ugly".

I'm not looking to present this to any devs, all I care about is how the gun and arms move. that is all.

When I import this into an engine, aspect ratio and shit doesn't matter, only movement of the arms and weapon.

How do you guys even function being this retarded?

stop being stupid
Have you tried exporting to an image sequence (.png) then combining them later? That might fix it.
I've tried, and the images come out just as wonky, it's something messed up in the file itself as every other .max file export perfectly.

It wasn't a huge issue to me considering I still get the whole animation in shot, so no biggie, still annoying that it looks wonky, though!
With that attitude, your gun-reloading animation skills can be the best in the world, and yet you won't be hired. Congratulations on fucking yourself up.
What game is this?
If I was putting together a portfolio and a reel, I'd re-render them with the best V-ray lighting, and pay for my .max file to be uncorrupted so I can have a great aspect ratio, get a pleasing to the eye- coloured background with my name and info and send it to any potential employers.

But I'm just fucking showing some random people on /3/ my animation for some feedback, So I don't care how anything but the animations look. Dumb fucking idiot.
Is 2-chekk
you tell him! XD
Why does how I present it matter?
Seriously, if you don't get that, there is no point telling you again.
>Can your dumbass not look past just the animation itself?
I can look past the shitty presentation but found the actual animation also lacking in quality (like everything else).
> I don't give a shit about what you think about my color choices.
IDGAF about your stupid excuses. It looks like shit and it makes me believe you have absolutely no idea how to use color.
>NOT MY FAULT the .max file is corrupted and my render aspect ratio is fucked.
BUT IT IS! Your animation is fucked, you are at fault for not using a fucking external program to crop the image to the right aspect ratio.
>This is nitpicking
Not anymore. I told you politely the first couple of times half a year ago. Since you are unable to come up with an solution even an stupid one like cropping the image afterwards i blame you for it.
>When I import this into an engine, aspect ratio and shit doesn't matter, only movement of the arms and weapon.
Then why don't you render it out of the engine you stupid POS.
>If I was putting together a portfolio and a reel, I'd re-render them with the best....
More fucking excuses
But I'm just fucking showing some random people on /3/ my animation for some feedback,...
Which you got. Plenty.
Still looks liek ass, after how many tries?
I understand why presentation matters if it's what I'M after, but that's not it! I'm not going for video quality, presentation are anything, I'm not pitching you anything! Get a fucking clue, moron.

I don't know how to use colour, even though I just told you I used that colour for greenscreening. WOW. You could not be a bigger fucking dipshit, can you?

It is my fault? I'm sorry, are you retarded? When I export, the video file is SQUISHED. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT THAT. I have to salvage it by going into Sony Vegas and expanding it enough to look SOMEWHAT decent. My animation has nothing to do with what my render does to my aspect ratio, the gun being off center is due to the RENDER DIPSHIT. In 3ds max, it is centered with a trace lining the barrel with so many degrees to the center screen, but the RENDER corrupts and offsets my video.

I don't listen to your advice because I don't give a SHIT what you have to say, doesn't make me retarded for not following your ideas, dumbass.

I DIDN'T RENDER IT OUT OF ENGINE. It's rendered in 3ds MAX. I said I'd re-render it again with the corruption fixed. God damn you are retarded.

Christ, you are a fucking dipshit. LOL.

Actually, not going to laugh, I feel bad for you.
Not even that anon, but holy shit you are doubling down that you just don't care.
>I'm not pitching you anything!
Yes you are. You're asking us for feedback. That's still pitching your work to someone, even if we aren't interviewers.
The greenscreen I understand. That one's more normal when just presenting an animation.
>I'm sorry, are you retarded?
Are YOU retarded? Why don't you just debug your file then? Why do you keep living like this? Surely it can be fixed, right? I bet you haven't even tried to.
>I don't listen to your advice because I don't give a SHIT what you have to say
Great, you come here to ask for C&C and you turn away comments because "wah wah it's not what i asked for". You stupid fucking idiot, C&C applies to everything you present. You can't just say "oh haha ignore this".

Listen, anon. Presentation matters. It shows that you respect your work. If you keep asking us to "just deal with it", it gives off the sense that you honestly don't care about what you're doing. And maybe you do. Maybe you just want to show off and you're not even looking for proper critique anymore. You just want validation.
And seriously, if you don't want to fix your aspect resolution, then can you try rendering in a higher resolution at least? You're asking us to scrutinise a 480p video that's been letterboxed to like 2-fuckin-40p. There's just not the detail to see the nuances in your animation.

What's with all these lemmings defending you anyway? If they aren't your friends or even just you samefagging, Christ, my dudes. Get some brains and rational sense of thinking and stop accepting everything the way it is.
I don't know enough about the program/coding to fix it, I spent 5 hours rendering, downloading codexes, converting to images, rendering by images, importing to different video editors ALL of these. I cannot fix these with my current skills.

And since I am simply showing some anons on an image board my animation, It doesn't matter enough. you can still see 100% of the animation, why should I do more when that is all I care about?

Listen, I choose to pick up advice or not. If someone tells me what I can do to improve my ANIMATIONS I will take heed, but I care NOTHING for presentation and how PRETTY my god damn video looks. SORRY, random anon who I was only wanting to see my animation.

Why should I take advice for something I don't care about? Thanks for the advice, but I don't have to take it If I don't want, especially when it is something I'm not even asking for. sorry dude.

I just want you guys to look at my ANIMATION and critque something that can actually help me improve the way I use animation in 3ds max. I don't care about video settings. SORRY.

I've tried rendering it from 4k (took like a fucking day) to see if it'd do anything, the image turned out great and the resolution great, but when I see it, it's squished, so I bring it to my video editor, blow it up to fix it, still shitty looking. I've tried to fix it. I can't, not an excuse, it's the truth, and fuck off if you don't believe it..

They are probably seeing how fucking retarded you both are being. I mean seriously, you guys are insulting me for something I can't fucking control, for fucking real.
It is your video, everything is your fault, either by being unable to do it right or by being unable to fix it.
Nobody cares about your excuses if you present something.
I legit thought this was sarcasm until the middle. I just wanted to get my animation out there, didn't want to learn a field of coding to impress you guys. My animation is what I care about, My animation is 100% shown, and you guys are too fucking autistic too see past the smallest fucking thing that has NOTHING to do with your ability to see the animation. Crimony, you are all completely fucking brainless. I pray that you guys have helmets on right now, and waterwings before you drink water.

I'll keep you in my prayers, you mentally challenged children... God was really generous with the chromosones around 2008 when you guys were born! So special you both are :)
Okay, just chill. Same anon that did that post, I'm not trying to intentionally insult you, just using banter to get my point across.
Since it seems you're actually rendering this in a ray-tracing engine, how about this instead?
Get a copy of Unity/Unreal, I believe they're free for light indie usage, import your models and animations there, and have your animations render out in real-time? You don't have to wait all day for it to render anymore, and you also have a chance to fix your weird resolution issues.
Anon, I'm telling you that this is a serious problem. To use an analogy, think of it like serving food. Sure, you may have a three Michelin star dish in your hands, but you're trying to serve it on plates of hardened mud. It _still_ matters, whether you want to care about it or not.
Believe it or not, I tried that, Unreal won't accept my imports, and Unity is fine, but it runs insanely slow when not in editor.

But listen, I'm not presenting it for a job, or for someone to view and hire me. I'm only wanting you to look at the animation itself, my video presentation has no affect on my animation. Zero. No matter how people think it might, my animation is in no way affected by my video not looking pretty. It runs smoothly enough to see all the little things. The colour, the not-so-great quality (if it was too awful, I would agree with you) and the offset does not in any way block my animation. That is why I don't care. When I make a portfolio, I'll be sure to get all my videos looking perfect so they look professional.
>So I don't care how anything but the animations look.
With that weird, eye-catching green background, and the fucked up aspect ratio, there's no proper way of judging your animation quality.

The overall impression is bad. What will a reviewer think? "Sloppy presentation, into the trash it goes."
I cringelulz'd at this post.
>this whole thread
Jesus Christ, dude. Just do what any other animator would go, playblast an OpenGL render and put it into SyncSketch or something similar for C&C.

And use a neutral background.
Anon, stop saying it doesn't matter because you're not looking to get hired or whatever shit excuse you keep trying to push out.
The bottom line is that it shows how much respect you give to your work. If you really can't bother to present something halfway decent to an anonymous forum, then we can't bother to return the critique you're looking for. Stop treating us lower than these fabled "job interviewers". We're still your audience either way.
And why not just get it done now? So you don't have to look for the fixes in the future? You clearly have the time to sit down here and respond to all our "retarded" posts, so why don't you go spend the time exploring even more alternatives instead? Don't give me the "but I've already tried!", there's definitely a way, if not all Max users would be having the same issue.

Just because your retarded ass can't stop looking at bright colours doesn't mean everyone is like you.

Because It is not what I want to do. My animation is still visible, I don't care if my aspect ratio or colour choice makes it "seem like he doesn't care about his work :("

I am asking for something specific and the relative animation is shown completely. There is no reason in my answer why I have to do anything. My animation is completely visible, so completing it and popping it on youtube for hosting to get quick feedback is all I care to do. Maybe when I am satisfied and make a portfolio, yeah It'll look pretty, but right now, for critique about ANIMATION only, I don't give a shit whatsoever.
Like I said, my BG is for my greenscreen uses only. Not chosen for presentation
>be cute tranny
>be extremele disgusting

Fucking retard. I can't fap to this one anymore.
God, dude, what I'm trying to tell you is that I won't even bother to look at your animation because it's eyewatering to even view it. Got it? It's not that I'm trying to avoid critiquing your animation, it's that I just can't. You're probably going to say "yeah well I don't give a shit about what you think" but realise that at least half of the anons here share similar thoughts. Sure, it looks "fine and the animation can be seen", but that's YOUR viewpoint. Not OURS. Think about it this way: I'm a gold trader. You've found a big nugget of gold. You keep trying to sell it to me, and I want to accept it so badly, but it's caked in shit and mud you don't even want to remove.
It's about respect. If you can't respect us by giving us something pleasant to even look at, how do you expect us to return the respect and critique your work?
You're the one looking for critique. You're responsible for providing it in a suitable medium for it. We're just here to give what we think, and trust me, all of us would be happy to if you could just fucking solve the issue and stop blaming and avoiding it. Spend a day or two. Research your problem deeply instead of "trying all the different codecs and programs". Ask on forums as to why it exports in such a skewed manner. Hell, might as well ask those forums for their thoughts instead of ours.
File: unnamed.png (199 KB, 447x328)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
You could have put just as much time into how you presented that pivot animation as you did with ever excuse we just read. Holy shit you are probably some softmore in high school using blender on his shitty macbook he got for Christmas replying to every bit of mail that critiques his work. YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE IN LIFE BY JUSTIFYING SHITTY WORK.

I don't even understand why you bother to even back up your filth. There are many other youtubers with way better animations that are presented so flawless that critique was difficult.

EVEN IF you wanted us yo critique just your "work". Its literally the same animation as the one in call of duty just way shittier and less cared about.

Dude seriously if you don't care then don't bother posting.
>my animation
>my ayylmaotion
Its not even yours you fucking autistic slideshow
You are an idiot if you can't honestly see the animation for what it is.
I am asking for a bit of critique, I'm not selling asking you to fucking buy my shit. I am not trying to impress, I'm trying to get feedback, understand the difference?
You are looking too far into this. It's a perfectly fine medium, standard colour, decent screen size and animation shown perfectly. You are the one with the issue here, bud. No one but you and the other crayon eating retard are complaining.

You are the one who is dense, for christ sake.
It took you 500+ responses and an assumption before you understood I was rendering INSIDE 3ds max, and you didn't think that because you were ASSUMING. You had 0 evidence. Yeah, I'm the one who's dense.

I care about showing my animation. I do not give a single shit whatsoever that you don't like my colour choice. Sorry buddy, I don't share your opinion.

Listen close, I'm not trying to get anywhere with this. If I were making this animation for a company, It would be presented a hell of a lot better than this.

But I'm posting quickly on 4chan so I can get quick feedback. I'm sorry you guys can't understand the simplest shit.

Why not... oh I don't know, look at the "fuwnny awms movin and da gun! It pwetty! so pwetty!" but instead "oh no! it bad, it gween! not like! not like at all! he should make it pwetty even though the point is the animation itself and not the god damn presentation or video quality."

What the fuck are you going on about? This is my animation, I made this yesterday.
Jesus, you're impossible. Just post somewhere else. Fuck off to reddit even. You'll honestly get quicker feedback there because /3/ is one of the slowest fucking boards on all of 4chan.
Don't get surprised if they tell you the same stuff we've been telling you though.
I'm not impossible, you guys are completely retarded.

>Can clearly see the animation
>Can't see it because I don't think the video is pretty

GOD you guys are the fucking dumbest lot i've ever seen.

I don't give a fuck what you rendered it on. I don't give a fuck if you took my joke serious. You are strawmaning the hell out of this situation cause you don't like being talked shit to. You probably get stomped out by varsity football teams every wensday.

>I don't care about people's opinions
>I just want quick feedback

Literally EVERY POST has been feedback. Stop trying to look and sound like you shoot extra chromosomes through a heroine needle for once in your life. Stopping posting this garbage on here if you don't like what we have been saying to you

Its stolen animations. Choppy as fuck. Terrible model. Stretched aspect ratio. Blurry as fuck. What do you want us to do? You act like you expect us to wash our hand before we dig in the garbage. Just leave and comeback when you realize that your life is meaningless and that 4chan is not here to baby you and tell you lies about how "your" work looks.
Lol, you seriously are as retarded as I thought, probably worse.

YOU AREN'T TALKING ABOUT MY ANIMATION, BUT MY VIDEO ITSELF, Nice talking about my picture frame instead of the photo itself, CHRIST.

Stolen animation? What the hell are you even talking about?

My animation is clear as day, you are just too fucking retarded. I feel sorry for you, I hope a lifegaurd is around when you step in a puddle, god forbid you drown.
You're in denial.
You've got your head so far up your ass you think everything you do looks perfect.
Of course _you_ can see it. You made it. You can see everything crystal clear in your viewport.
No one else can see it as clearly and everyone's been telling you that.
It's fine to call people assholes, but call everyone an asshole? News flash: you're the asshole.
Stop posting here and fuck off to somewhere else.
What? I don't think it looks good at all, mag in is too snappy, boltpull is weak and the hand position is awkward.

Take a look at the video again, and tell me with a straight face that my animation is not visible at all. Seriously.

Everyone has been telling me? Excuse me, 2 people. You and the other "help me walk" retard.
I didn't call everyone an asshole, just you two assholes, although you are less of an asshole, if one at all.
Just two? You're confusing posters here. Number's probably closer to four or five.
And it's not that I can't see your animation. I just don't want to look at it. Because you can't even present it properly.
I've told you twice, now this is the third time: Fuck. Off. You're such a whiny kid.
Just go post on reddit. They'll treat you kinder there. I'm serious. It'll be better for you and the rest of us.
Then... that's really your problem if you guys don't want to look at it. Not mine.
I'm not the one whining about the "colour"

You guys are being such little bitches "I DONT WANNA LOOK AT IT HRMFPH!"

I don't care if I'm insulted, I just care if people fucking say relevant shit, which NONE of you have.

What the fuck are people saying "stolen animation" for anyway? I don't get it.
No you ARE actually a special dense muthafucker.
EVERYBODY understood the first time that you rendered in 3DsMax, maybe, just MAYBE you shouldn't fucking render in 3DsMax. That's the whole point. Fix your goddamn export problem to Unreal and you could render it in quasi real-time without any stretching.
Or get a better rig which isn't fucked so that you can render in Max.
There are countless ways to fix that shit, you had over half a year to get better at what you are doing, but you are still on the exact same level when you where starting.
Clever people actually learn from mistakes and critique.
You don't seem to.
How the fuck does someone like your even exist. Your mom literally poured extra chlorine in your gene pool. Stop acting like you drink sewage water through your missing tooth.

You posted this sorry excuse for stick figure animations on 4chan, and you EXPECTED nice feedback? Are your parents divorced? Did you get a new step dad and you hate him so much he buys your what ever the fuck you want so you would love him?

We are not your personal back rubbers. Go complain about the toilet seat being up to Google assistant if you want to be told that you actual matter to other beings of life.
Haha that's funny. Go make a new animation we will all be happy to see. Like you opening and closing your closet door for 5 mins on a 4:3 stretched 240p res. With a naked faggot painted green.
Our problem? Seriously? This is your stuff you're presenting. It's your loss if you don't get the critique you're looking for. There's no way it's my issue.
I don't get why you keep saying it's not relevant. Ask anyone else. They'll ask why the aspect ratio is all fucked and why the resolution is so low, even if they're kind enough to examine your animation.
I'm not the anon accusing you of stolen animations. I'm not even complaining about the "colours". I'm just saying that I won't bother to take a look if you can't even have the courtesy to respect your audience. And, by the way, you're the one insulting everyone. I've tried to be as civil as possible, but you can't expect anyone to be completely understanding to someone who keeps calling them a "retard", right?
I misread your comment on "Render" my bad on that one.

I don't know how to fix my unreal issue, and for what I was needing done, a quick medium to show my animation, it wasn't a huge deal. You guys are overblowing this SO fucking much.

I took a massive half-year break. I try to work on my animation, I don't care about the video's prettyness. NOT what I'm trying to do right now.

When did I say I expected nice feedback?
I didn't ask anyone to be my backrubber. I asked for advice on animation, not on my fucking video's prettiness. ... GOD you are one dumb mother fucker. Question is, how do you breathe on your own? Do you have to remind yourself? I bet that walking and breathing is a toughy for you! Not just because your 500 lbs, but because that multitasking is reawy hawrd!!!!!
Can you still see the animation?

That is all that matters. Judge what I am asking, and nothing more. Sorry I don't give a shit about your personal little nitpicks.
>When did I say I expected nice feedback

Everytime I read your post I hear a thomas the tank engine theme song playing in the background.
Sure, go ahead and not answer the question.

Since you know I'm right you're just going to imply I'm an idiot, despite the fact that you can't back up what your dumbass said.
>I didn't ask anyone to be my backrubber. I asked for advice on animation, not on my fucking video's prettiness. ... GOD you are one dumb mother fucker. Question is, how do you breathe on your own? Do you have to remind yourself? I bet that walking and breathing is a toughy for you! Not just because your 500 lbs, but because that multitasking is reawy hawrd!!!!!

Look everyone. The retard said something literally retard! How surprising!

Let's all laugh so he can feel like he said something smart. Maybe it will fuck off!
You know you are backed into a corner when all you do is insult.
No I've literally given up. You are past helping at this point. Its like trying to teach someone with no legs how to do splits. Incomparason you are like trying to tell someone with no brain to remember something.
Sorry dude, everything you have said is irrelevant to my original post. I'm sorry if you've a problem with that.
Read everything we have told your for the past 300 posts. That's my answer. Now go on and make your dreams come true because everyone starts learning by getting assblasted about how someone described your work
If your really want to believe that then go ahead see how far that will take you in life. Just don't come crying to us when you are told that your spaghetti taste like Easter basket grass
You never answered the question I asked directly. You are one of those fucking idiots who don't pay attention and avoid questions so they can maintain the illusion of being right.

I have said multiple times. If I were presenting this to a company for work I'd make it wonderfully beautiful.
But I don't need that for this. The fact is, I asked about my animation. Everything you guys said was unsolicited advice, that had nothing to do with what I asked. I'm sorry, believe it or not but that's the fact.
Here are the lesson, since you obviously still have problems digesting/understanding them:

Whenever you present something, no matter what went wrong, anything bad with it WILL be associated with YOUR work and yourself (even if it is truly not your fault).

If you present something, always pretend that this presentation is the one that counts and give it your best shot.

Something obviously bad with your work will ALWAYS outshine the good things in your work. People take good things for granted and have an eye out for shit so that they don't step into it.

Never shit on/insult your audience.
But I don't have to go out of my way and do something so complex as fixing my animation which is something I have no conceivable idea to do - for a critique post on 4chan.

The fact is, my animation is clear as day, and if anybody here wasn't a dense idiot, they would swallow their pride and just look at my animation and tell me what they think.

No matter how you spin it, you guys gave me advice I didn't ask for, and was in no way relevant. Sorry, but it's the truth.
So I took a look at it. First thing I noticed was its AMAZING video quality! Wow I've never seen something so sharp and flawless! Your mp5 looks so original. Like something out of a movie! I feel like a bad ass just watching it in fullscreen. I love that taste in color too! Really brings out the "punch" in the animation! Have you ever decided to work for a company like activision? I'm sure they would love your noncopywrited masterpiece!
You 1000℅ didn't even listen to a word he said.

Did you just want to say something?
File: spruce.jpg (55 KB, 960x640)
55 KB
Okay I'm going to say it because no one else will.
OP is correct. He only wanted advice on his work itself. The advice everyone else gained is correct but it truly is irrelevant to what he asked. Good advice it may be.

That's the truth.
No one is an idiot here.

We should do to make sure that we all maintain full context to everything we post. Being sure to make that context relevant.
You fail because I never asked for critique on the quality of my video, dipshit.
What are you talking about? I addressed what he said. You are the one who can't fucking read.
File: images (2).jpg (16 KB, 524x280)
16 KB
Holy shit hes so friendless and assblasted that he samefagged another person just to justify his garbage
You wish. I think that you are all fucking retarded.

None of you can understand what I am saying, it's like I'm living in a damned doomed world.

I feel like the only sane person.
I don't give a shit if you never asked and
>read posts 5-13
>read posts 40 - 72
Maybe if you werent so stubborn you would have
>read posts 78-201
If I never asked, I don't care about what you say
If it is not related to what I ask.
I do not care for your unsolicited advice.

Go touch your body in the mirror and feel disappointed
>I don't care for your advice
Understandable have a nice day.
Heres how you fix your animation
Step one: right click on your file
Step two: delete your file
Step three: render new animation in blender
Step four: congrats you have fixed your problem
I book marked this because this is hilarious
Ehh, I could never get the hang of blender. I kind of want to, but I am so comfortable with MAX I feel like the learning curve would be very hard, feel me? Would it really help though? Does Blender have good Rendering qualities?
If people make animations in blender and it looks 10x better than yours then I would assume it would work better in the long run. Just apply yourself
You're right, I talk to Hyper (YouTube animator) occasionally and he works in blender. Maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks man, it would help out any licensing issues need I publish works in the future.
Get in a two seater and feel what thats like
Pardon me, I do not understand the phrase? Sorry, but what does that mean?
It means youre fat sorry dude
Uh, okay. I didn't know you could tell my weight from text, but you are the cool guy! Rockin'! Let's groove! Oh that's spicy!

You rule :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
a lot of the people in this thread are retarded and can't read. seriously.
Here comes the final lesson:
You have no control over what kind of feedback you'll get, and you are not entitled to any feedback.

You spent more time in this thread defending your work, than fixing your problems. You could have been more humble and asked for help politely. This would have changed the tone of the threat, and the mentality of the people giving feedback.

You are using an free FPS rig?
Where is the link?
You ever thought asking somebody for a better FPS rig?
Hyper did make a small tutorial abut gun animations and it came with a complete FPS-rig, minus the gun. (FFS watch the tutorial again)
The Rig is for Blender, but with a little work you could adapt it to 3DsMax.
It shouldn't be more complex than creating some Constraints.
File: 140.jpg (15 KB, 292x257)
15 KB
In what way am I defending my work?
I never defended anything that I asked criticism for.
People telling me my presentations kills need work is completely irrelevant to my question and I will not take any of those as constructive critique to my work.
Not once did I defend the work that I asked critique from.
I never said I was entitled to any feedback either.

The only feedback I was getting was completely unrelated to the topic at hand.
I like the rig I use it is quite complex, I just don't like the render issue, but since my animation is saved every render, I don't mind it.
Post your work on Polycount, there's a forum for animation C&C. Also, use SyncSketch, it's easier to leave notes and shit.

But post it exactly as you did here. No cheating!
I wouldn't post it differently.

I don't understand what people in this forum mean.

I never asked for my presentation skills
They claim i'm stealing animation

I don't get it. Why is everyone being such an idiot? (not talking about you, just the previous guys)
My suggestion is just to post it on Polycount. You probably know about it already, but in case you don't, it's the best place for C&C on game-related assets, including animation. The anim board there is a bit slow, (the slowest I think), but there are enough people willing to give a hand.
If it's users aren't half as retarded as this boards are then I might think about it.

>person disagrees with me. He must be retarded

If everyone disagrees with you it probably means you are the retard here
I am not calling them retarded for disagreeing with me.

They are retarded because they can't understand basic topic.

You are a retard to for not understanding why I say it. Feel bad.
>I'm not calling them retarded for disagreeing with me
>they don't agree with the topic that I want to talk about
Sure showed me dipshit
My god you are a strawmaning dumbass.

They are retarded because I made a thread specific for my animation
They then talk about my video quality. Something completely unrelated to the topic at hand, then they completely misunderstood everything said.

Can you be more retarded? I pray you are trolling.

PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE TROLLING. I can't comprehend someone being THIS fucking stupid.
>this entire thread
Yeesh. What a headache.

Post all work in the /wip/ thread next time. No one deserves their own thread for their own work. Thanks.
One hundred posts, one hundred keks. I can't believe this is one of the most popular recent threads in /3/.
16 posters
105 posts

/3/'s jimmies have been successfully rustled.
> anon! Anon! Anon!
> Make like a tree and get outta here!

Some of your older videos had much better presentation. What happened that suddenly you can't render properly and don't know how to fix it?

And guys, actually take a look at his channel and some of his videos where he shows his face and talks. Then you'll realize who you are talking to.
My older videos used a different, worst Rig, and thusly .MAX file. That's why.

That was me when I was a teenager. And unless the irony was lost on you, the videos were satire.
It's my fault really, I shouldn't expect you to have that kind of awareness. I'm sorry for overestimating you.
[puts on headphones]
Okay, let's watch some...


Well, I'm done here.
[shoots himself in the head]
Chris O'Neill actually liked my video about him.
I am not sure if my comment matters anymore, but in general;

1.Presentation matters in every regard on every forum. If the aspect ratio or BG are fucked up your feedback will be influeced by that (in tone and quality). You just have to except that people want to have a clear view of your animation.

2. You really need to study the basics of animation first. You dont seem to be ready to do (mostly) fps-animation. You wont improve and even if you will be extremely limited. I know that animating bouncing balls, walkcycles etc. can be annyoing but there is a reason why good animators did that shit.

3. Unfortunately, your animations are lacking in nearly every aspect and are not ready for the gaming industry in general.

4. IF you really want to do fps-animation do some throwing/finger-animation-exercises. No reloads, just simple but polished ball catches etc. Learning spacing, timing, overlap, follow-through, drag, 2ndary action and all that good stuff.

5. Please, for the love of god fix your settings first. Set-up and Planning are the most important steps.
1. My animation is in clear view.
2. I have gotten a lot better in terms of FPS animation, but perhaps you are right about practice in non FPS form.
3. I agree
4. I agree with this too, my finger animation is downright awful.
5. My settings are completely fine, my Render is the only problem unfortunately.
1 and 4 go along. If you dont want to fix your settings (render settings included) noone will take your animation seriously. Respect your own work, respect us and our sight.
Listen to me. Stop animating and fix your render issues first. Then study (not just watch but study frame by frame) animation-showreels. Plan your animation and what you want to do. Then start the Layout, blocking, spline and finally polish.
Your next animation will be properly rendered/screengrabbed and posted in WIP.
If you DONT follow my steps your next animation-post will have no feedback and only shitposts.
1 and 5
I am not looking for someone to take my animation seriously when I'm simply posting for some critique on skills. I'm not pitching my animation for a job opportunity.
You can clearly see my animation. in view. You know you can. You guys are simply trying your best to sound professional and give critique on something that doesn't matter to what I asked.
No offense.

What do you guys not understand?
You can CLEARLY see my animation in view. Everything is shown. Nothing is left out. Quality is fine, and framerate is fine.
3. is not necessarily true... have u seen battlefields animations? AAA industry doesnt have a high bar for animations lmao

1. Show me
2. Compared to pixar/disney, kinda. The quality is getting better thou
pixar and shit is different that aaa game industry which is what reloads are more for

>I am not looking for someone to take my animation seriously
And still this assblasted.
New to the thread,but damn son, you come across as more than a little weird.

You're animation is shit.
Happy now?
That's all that matters. Thank you for judging my ANIMATION. Not my presentation skills.
Thank you.
You literally look like you get bullied by every special ed school you were put in. Please leave you are dropping dead chromosomes on the floor behind you
I'd argue it's not even Triple Z level yet.

Fuck, I don't even think it's on any level. And seeing as I doubt he's capable of anything besides reload animations (yes, even finding a real job), he might as well just an hero at this rate.
"I'm mad so I'm gonna make up stuff cause it sounds awesome! This is YOUR reason you suck speech XD GOTEM!"
Dude, don't be a biased dumbass. My animations are obviously not the worst in the world. My posting on here has nothing to do with my capacity to get a job and you know it. I animate people in some free time but I don't render them out and bother to post them, except one. Might as well kill myself cause my 3d work isn't good! Sorry buddy, this may be your entire life, but I'm not quite that sad, not yet.
I'd smash
File: e99.jpg (39 KB, 680x543)
39 KB
This entire thread

it looks too choppy, especially right when the clip goes in

reminds me of COD4, though, nice
Thanks, I agree, the mag-in and the bolt cocking is choppy. But thanks! I was actually going for the mw3 reload for mp5! But The quality is probably under COD 4, so I thank you!
I agree with what others said, it's a bit choppy, lacks smooth continuity in places, doesn't feel natural. I suggest you practice animating arms and hands. A good exercise is to animate handjobs from the guy's point of view. We all know how handjobs look like, what makes them feel good and what makes them hurt, and thus it's easier to tell when something is off with the animation.
lol gaaaay
>I do not care for your unsolicited advice.
Why are you even here then? You don't want honest advice and critique, you want a pointless pat on the back.

Kill yourself in three dimensions, thanks
as long as she stews and brews after i fuck her tight little boypussy and cover her guts in cum, i'm fine with it.

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