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Which program is better for UV Mapping and why? More specifically, low-poly organic models.
For context, I'm new to UV Mapping and am currently working on a base mesh for a character model.
Max. Zbrush has a great unwrap algorithm But every other aspect of the process is kind of uncontrollable imo. I like to have full control over where I'm placing my seams and what kind of projection I use on each island.

Get Marius Silaghi's 'Unwrap Pro' modifier for max - it's an enhanced version of the native Max unwrap modifier but with a way better unwrap algorithm.
max for sure?

i think so.
if you value convenience get uvlayout or topogun
both garbage compared to maya
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Thanks very much.
mind linking a download for the modifier?
I used to make my seams in Max and then unwrap in Zbrush. Is it viable approach or Unwrap Pro would be a better option?
you have maya in your screenshot. maya is objectively the best for UVing and everything else. studios don't use 3DS Max for UVing lmao

Placing seams in one application and exporting it back and forth to another application just to perform the unwrap is an insane waste of time.
>uv layout
>3d coat

I used to work with maya bonus tools but the uv unwrapper there is currently fucked (and nobody wants to repair it as it seems). A friend is super happy with 3d coat, which is also on sale atm, but I'd like to know what of these 4 you anons prefer and why

I just can't decide atm
Zbrush is a cool piece of software.
But thinking of doing UVs in it is just stupid.
Max is meh.
There's better software.
Maya for example, even though not nearly the best in terms of UX (specifically for UVs)
Uvlayout is used in production environments. Though if you thought Maya was stuck in the 90s, just wait to see Uvlayout.
Top notch Uv'ing software tho.

Jesus fuck it's like you're not even trying.
Everything that makes Uvlayout good plus a modern fucking UI.
What are seams and why do I need them?

What is the best free UV unfolding tool? Asking for...a friend.
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>thread about UVs
>what are seams
u dun goofd anon.........

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