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Hi All,

New to blender. Because 3DS Max is $$$ and I want to make 3D models but I'm broke af

Whenever I right click a face, it selects it like I expect. But when I control click another face, it selects all the faces in between. The attached pic is some random mesh I made getting a feel for the modifiers & shit. It shows the before and after of when I try to select to separate faces.

How do I stop this and make it so it doesn't select the faces in between what I control click? I've been looking for an hour lol
Huh? What are you trying to do? If you're trying to select multiple of anything, it's always been shift+LMB in like every software out there.

Anyway, please post all future questions in our questions thread. >>630666. Seriously, it's like you lemmings don't even lurk to get a gist of the place before you post.
Shift click.
Shit, I meant RMB. Not LMB. Blender and its weirdness, but point still stands. Shift has always been the modifier if you need to select multiple objects.
I coulda swore I tried that twice and it had the same effect!! I guess they swapped the shift and control key just like the mouse buttons? oh well. thank you!
Ctrl click is always multiple, but not shift.
Unreal map or air-conditioning unit
A thread died for this
No, they swapped the hemispheres of your brain.
Blender has really powerful hotkey based selecting tools that a lot of users don't know about because they don't read the manual (or haven't kept up with their tutorials).


If you want an (excessively) in-depth tutorial about all the basics of blender, I recommend Lydna
Oops I linked to the Curves specific selecting, though all or most of those hotkeys are the same, here's the Meshes specific section


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