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Hey, I'm trying to get the 3D model from a specific enemy from a game. But I don't see any valid resources on ripping it from the game itself. The game is Armored Core: 4 / For Answer, and I'm trying to get pic related's model.

The annoying thing is that the wiki page seems to have complete renders of the model, but I have no fucking clue how / where they get the model. There's a sketchup model available for free, but, whilst very close, is also missing a lot of detail.

Anyone have an idea about how to get this model? Preferably with the models as in the other pages on the wiki. New to /3/ so sorry if I fucked up and this info is on the sticky, but I took a peek and much of it is related to actual asset creation. What I'm trying to do is rip an asset from something, or actually FIND this existing asset.

(there also seems to have been a gunpla model kit but I can't find that either)

What is it you even think you're going to do with the model, given you don't know anything about 3D?
The renders in the wiki are probably from the studio, they're probably concept art or WIP or pre-lighting tests. I doubt someone has the model, created simple renders, then uploaded them to the wiki.
As regards the model itself, it's not that difficult a piece to make in terms of the skillset required (it's pretty simple box modeling with bevel modifiers and smoothing) but there's quite a lot of "detail" (although I would call it kitbashed greebling and garbage) that would take a while to model.

As for how people rip models from games: Most models are ripped via NinjaRipper software that rips from an emulator or a PC game. NinjaRipper basically rips the information directly from your graphics card, which results in a metric assload of extra shit you have to manually cleanup, so it can potentially be a bit of an undertaking which is why it's largely done by hyper autists found on VGResources, TheModelsResource, or porn artists.
There are a ton of japanese 3d model repositories akin to yobi3d, t3dm (now goes by some other URL), but you need to be able to read moonrunes. I don't know any really, I've just stumbled across text files with direct links to stuff hosted on fc2 or niconico; they're usually MMD files

If you have access to some sort of photographs or scans or whatever of the plastic kit, that would make it a lot easier to accurately model
Run emu in with DX plugin and try ninja ripper if it still works
Another Raven on /3/. Excellent. I'm more of ps1/ps2 era ac guy myself.

Anyway, if you could link the page, that would be helpful. Here is some information that's going to true for just about any game:

Chances are, you're going to need software designed to unpack the game's files. Either someone needs to write it, or you need to write the software yourself. If the model data is compressed, chances are it just uses a standard compression algorithm, so decompressing the stuff wouldn't be too hard if you can figure the compression method.

On to data about the models themselves. Almost all 3D data is stored in floating point notation (float for short). Floating point arithmetic is how most of the math on your computer is done in regards to 3D. Floating point numbers are highly precise at their origin (0) and tend to lose accuracy has their values become higher.

There are multiple types of floats, but the most common is the 32bit single-precision float. This is the data you'll want to look for, for getting the models out.

Beyond this, everything is going to require specialized knowledge of whatever model format the game uses. This, in and of itself can be hard to learn, but when you're dealing with proprietary model formats that the game likely uses, which would have very sparse public documentation, this becomes even more difficult. This is why you don't see that a lot of programs to extract models from games.

All of this data is probably located in a giant binary file on the disc (probably the largest file on it). This is really the best lead I can give you, unfortunately.

And as for the renders in the wiki page, I would have to guess these were done at FromSoftware. It's not that its impossible to extract the models from the game, but it would take a tremendous amount of patience to do the research in a hex-editor, the reverse engineering, and writing the software.
Unrelated, how do you guys bump week-old threads all the time? I can tell that it isn't a previous poster returning to elaborate on a point but rather a new poster, so it makes me honestly curious how old threads spontaneously get back to page 1. Do people actually browse the catalog or are you using a third-party client that sorts posts differently?
This board is super slow, OP might actually come back (months after his first post) with something like:

"Thanks guys, I learned how to [use ninja ripper] and I've already ripped [cantonese battle droid], here's my WIP". It's also that if the topic in general is interesting (i.e. "How are game models ripped?"), there's still value in contributing to the thread even if OP was long since kicked out of school and gave up on ever becoming a 3d artist

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