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i need to make a solid cylinder, bar, etc in solidworks, with pic related hole pattern, but the holes cannot go through, i am currently using solidworks 2015, i cannot seem to figure out how to make the hole pattern arround the cylinder
See you there.
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you mean like that?
do i look like an engineer my dude?
No, but you sure look like a dumbass.
> with pic related hole pattern, but the holes cannot go through
Time to figure out how the extrude cut depth works
I'm no pro, I use Blender, but I would go about using booleans and array modifiers with the bool mesh arrayed and pointing to the center of mass of a circle and just array and rotade that by the degrees I want it. Now I just assume there are similar tools for you to use in solidworks, ive never used it, if there isnt find a better suiting program.
Fuck blender is overly complex shit.
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>I'm no pro
>I use Blender
Why not IIWLC alt+E?
In Catia V5 (like OPs pic) this would be very easy.

T. Engineer
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>mfw i had to do stuff like this in my CAD class
Why should I tell you how to do it?
Seems like your best best is the sketch driven pattern

Pro tip: you don't need a sketch you can do with an edge.
All those smug replies and nobody knows how to do it...

OP, try:
- model tiling segment with hole in it
- two array modifiers to make it repeat on x and y
- make a circle bezier curve
- curve modifier on the pattern with the circle to bend it into a cylinder
>>i am currently using solidworks 2015
>gives blender instructions
This smug poster that can't read...
Those instructions are pretty ass anyway and give destroyed results (as opposed to non-destructive). Here's how to do it properly in Blender:
>create cylinder of appropriate hole diameter
>360° array it around the tube
>(create an empty with the same origin of your cylinder, rotate it 360/number of cylinders needed, array modifier on the cylinder w/ object offset set to the empty)
>duplicate both empty & cylinder (make sure to set cylinder.001's object offset to empty.001 if not you'll get spiralling)
>rotate both duplicated empty & cylinder by empty's rotation/2
>array mod on both until desired length is reached
>boolean difference
Viola. Argue that it's longer, but it's perfectly editable and non-destructive.
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i shouldnt need to explain this, take a look at my feature manager tree to see the very easy 3 steps i took. it looks like shit because nothing is define but im sure youll figure out the dimmensions yourself

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