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rare video of sam hyde talking about creative jobs
this is relevant for artists

Sam Hyde is a fucking retard. If you honestly think you have anything to learn from him, you are completely fucked.
>You gotta put as much time as you possibly can into your craft if you want to excel at it, at the cost of sacrificing your social life and other joys of life
That's basically the rhetoric he repeats in like every KSTV episode. Name one thing wrong with it
There's nothing wrong with that but;
A) if you needed to be told that in the first place you're a retard
B) if you needed to be told that by Sam Hyde you're a double retard
C) if you think such basic, common-sense level of 'advice' is worthy of commendation or praise you're bordering on brain-damage levels of stupid.
You forget how many people come from broken homes these days.
Maybe not told, but reminded or assured. It's nice to hear a voice saying that you're on the right track when you actually do sit in front of your computer for hours without talking to anybody. And yeah, some people actually need to be told that to grasp the idea.
The only problem with it that it narrows down to craft. But to be an actual artist who has something to say, you have to be an interesting person, or it will become a circlejerking. And without some kind of life apart form your craft is needed for that.

Listen, there's nothing wrong with the advice there - just the dickhead giving it. If you want some inspiration from an actual clever guy - try this. Seriously - it's good:

>dyed hair
>ak rifle
>YouTube whore
Yeah no thanks.
Pick one.
>interesting person
>something to say

Well, you do understand that there's not even a closely objective merit for judging these traits? There is literally no point in discussing that or ever bringing that up, it's an attempt at sophism.

At least the percieved "mastery" of an artist can actually be judged by criteria like realism of perspective, lighting and anatomy.
File: 1388373174081.jpg (104 KB, 500x415)
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Even if he is a dickhead, that still doesn't take away the reality that people who hate him tend to be narcissistic mess-ups. At the sacrifice of his reputation, he exposes the insane amount of mediocrity present today.
He also denies the holocaust, espouses homophobic conspiracy theories and insane misogyny for edgelord lols. And he is not 13 years old.

If you're into that - fine. But don't kid yourself that people who have absolutely no respect for this guy don't have a point.
He's a moron, if you want to follow morons and listen to what they have to say - go ahead. Plenty of them to pick from, just don't be so fucking vain that you feel there's a need to criticise the people who don't give losers like this the time of day.
That's, like, your opinion, man.

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