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Im at the point where I can sculpt models that I like but sadly Im sucking huge dicks when it comes to wrapping and texturing. I read a lot of stuff about "generating your textures" and "making them from photos" but for real I can not find Any good tut on youtube about MAKING textures. Only Tutorials I find is about using all kinds of maps. Pic releated its a paint booth which I just cant texture right Even if I spent days unwrapping it normally.
Pic releated its the paint cabin.
Any Help appreciated.
File: asd3.png (321 KB, 1280x1024)
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Bumping with the car which I made for it.
The problem is the Same , I know It coulda been better textured.
do you know the basics of texturing?
do you aim for stylized,realism? architecture?
have you ever textured in blender before?
Im aiming for realism here or at least really close. Well I know the basics of uvmapping and how to set thelayers. But working in gimp or any kind of direction how to create textures in gimp is an unknown domain since I always just slapped downloaded diffuse so far.
you mean "creating textures" then?
get substance designer then, its what you want for creating textures.
if you like cycles and want to keep it simple and modest do something like this.

if you think this is tedious, just wait until you use designer. this is hard work
susbtance painter or quixel ddo
try this

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