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hey guys ) I'm that guy, who made commisar and also making dark eldar... I already work as freelancer as graphic designer/video editor. I learned 3d as hobby, but I'm kinda getting decent with it..
>so I have question for you all )) which websites would you suggest, for selling models?
also is there any way to work remotely on projects? any suggestions will be very helpfull to me and to any other annon.

BTW, I know that I can google this, but you all are in this business one way ot another. experience will always give better suggestions than search engine. also I'm sure other annons are also interested in this.

If you want to make money you should just do adult game on patreon using Daz 3D.

Good luck through as they are going after the adult devs.
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come on anons!? Why nobody is answering? i'm not only speaking about myself, this can be helpful to many of us.
>DAZ porn,
tnx anon that was helpful.
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I'll bite as it's something i'm working on atm.

1st: Do work for others (Create a portfolio that fits the type of work you want to do, Modeling-Rigging-Animation etc, Make sure the content is within range of what you want to do and simply get to work on what the clients want)

2nd: Selling assets (There is tough competition but there is also room for niche markets, Study the market and its swings, for example if you were to post a bunch of "VR chat" ready models you'd get a fair amount of sales, With that said characters if made well will always sell, the better the looks the more sales.)

3rd: Content (As other anon said this is about making image renders, videos or games and getting it out there for a fan support return. Images is tough, videos if your market likes each one enough to get over the fact that they're free and want you to make more, games is more direct to their audiences which is why they always work, atm lewd games are the rising entity atm, blame leftist society but this will continue for years to come until the moral apocalypse.)

4th: Teaching (Be the one to teach the next generation of fools trying to do this for a living with tutor lessons and tutorials etc)

5th: Create Tools (Be the one to provide tools for the fools teaching fools trying to do this for a living etc)

6th: Gatekeeper (Be the one holding all the cards and take a pinch of whatever the fools within the walled garden of 3D make while laughing your ass off)

Can't think of anything else, Try not to KYS when the suffering hits.
>want to make a [spoiler]loli[/spoiler] porn game
>tfw I know damn well it would be impossible to monetize
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Why do I want to make one, or why would it be impossible to monetize? because the answer to both is: loli. It's already a sketchy niche as it is, but like anon said a lot of crowd funding places are cracking down on adult stuff, and underaged stuff
say it's a bunch of flat-chested 18+ y/os and that they're roleplaying if they're doing questionable shit wearing elementary school uniforms
wa la
of course that means you gotta do the middle line where they don't look like 6 year olds or fucking toddlers
something like those "she's a thousand year old witch loli!" would work i guess
>"she's a thousand year old witch loli!"
Depending on the country, if the drawn/modeled artwork looks underage, you're busted, period.
It's less a problem of the law and more a problem of money and distribution. A lot of places just don't want to deal with the controversy, so they take the safest possible stance and ban it. And it's not like anyone is going to start an internet outrage campaign over pedoshit getting removed.
Thank you for extensive reply! World needs more people like you ))


>If anyone will also hint better websites, where I can sell
Models, I'll be happy!
I know Turbosquid and alao Cubebrush.
Are these good places? Is there any better ones?
I also know Gumroad, but it kinda have such strange UI..
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bump! )

help me out guys, I'm mostly making educational videof for NGO/femminist organisations )) (don't get me wrong, I have very good relation with them all, I just don't like graphic design/video editing, it's very borring to me... )
now I started new project, animated vidoe series:
>"Myths about Muslim women"...
That's an unsafe one, in my opinion. The agreement states that you give them full permission to do business with your assets as they please, if I remember right.

IANAL, so I (hopefully) might be wrong.
Oh really? I thought it was one of "better" sites.
Theyr tutorials are always one of the best(as mid level creative tutorials go)
And the guy who created website is not a bad guy, he's tutorials are awesome )
Unity asset store seems like a good one to me, maybe unreal asset store.

If you can animate and script the assets even better.
Yes, I believe they act in good faith. In fact, I went to check their licensing terms in search of the part that worried me back then, but it appears they changed it (again), for the better.

IANAL, but personally, with the current terms, I'm thinking again of opening shop with them.
might as well execute all women that look underage but are older than 18
Also they aren`t telling you the most important part
Normies will follow "modern" and trending stuff because the are sheeps
Become the jew and do art with (3 examples):
40k adventures / Sylvanas x Anduin / aand the train with Xavius X Ysera might be gone

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