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How is this made
some artists draws the the full image, then they decide what they wanna do with it and break up the whole thing into little parts and rig it for transformation and deformation.

dunno how to embed but heres a video
Thanks for the answer I thought it was a 3d model desu
My guess is compositing software to warp the layers. You can typically import layers from photoshop to nuke and break it up like >>630396
After effects is probably worth a shot too. I dont use it but its good for motion graphics Ive heard.

There is definitely more than just 2D layers. The main character turns his head way too much to just be transformation/deformation

The character looks to the left at one point and it shows way too much rotational detail to just be 2D deforming, if it is then it must be an insane number of elements.

I think this is done the same way Blizzard has been doing WoW and Diablo login screens since 2010, it's basically 95% 2D with a couple 3D details (like the head) within and made to look completely seamless through very careful matching of the 2D elements with the edges of the 3D ones.

You can see this being done for the Mists of Pandaria login screen in the making of video they made for that expansion.
LOL 2D rigging so dumb

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