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If I already have 3D-Coat Amateur, and I plan on re-topologizing everything in Maya before I sell it, is there any real legal point to upgrading to 3D Coat pro?

Just wondering because the upgrade is on sale for like $220 or something right now. If I get it I'll have only paid $290ish in total.
I fucking hate it.
They ALWAYS have it on sale when I don't have money for that shit.
On top of it, they don't have a normal shop that offers paypalpayment and if you pay per bank transfer like they offer all the taxes absolutely fucking make it expensive again.
Only way is to buy it through a software shop here which does NOT do the sale shit and always offers it for the same price or Steam and I think the sale isn't active on Steam either.
You can use PayPal with steam.
What's the deal with buying this kind of software through Steam? Do I always have to keep Steam open? Would it record all the time I spend on it?
What do you use it for?
Butch dykes and cowtits.
they always on sale on cgpeers
I've given up trying to find a use for 3D Coat now. When I was a noob I was blown away by the retop and UV tools, but then over time found that actually - you can retop and UV in exactly the same way in 3DS Max if you know what you're doing. You just need to do it on a decimated model because the Max viewport can't handle such heavy meshes.

And Max doesn't fuck up all the normals on the low poly mesh.

But hey, whatever works for you.
This. I seriously don't understand how people can go to Steam & others when CGPeers and GFXPeers have constant discounts, up to 100% of retail price.
you can boast to your e-friends how much of a l33t modeller you are and show off your steam achievements(lmao)
on a side note steam has regional prices and loads of discounts so in my place substance pack costs normally only 42$ instead of 249$ on their site and right now they have it with summer sale price which brings even further down to 28$
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can anyone tell me if steam always has to run when you buy it from there? or do you just get a number per mail and that was it?
I'm interested and steam has great deals but there's no way I install that shit on my work PC.
no, you can run it from shortcut
awesome, thanks

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