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Thoughts on modo? I like the way its ui looks so im gonna try this as first 3d software. Also how do I stay safe when pirating I heard the foundry cracks down hard.
Never heard of it before, though it looks a little bit just like Blendr's UI but go ahead play around with it.
you can tell the guy who made this has iron patience
To be safe working with pirated software just export your finished models to blender, look for a progran to get rid of the metadata and you will be fine
I heard that they email you or something or put something in your pc that sends data to them. I may be gullible but just being safe. I have no plans on profiting off the software so exporting it to another don't seem necessary. I've never heard of another company doing this.
A friend of mine uses modo for his job and as far as I know he is doing just fine.
I guess you just need to look for that info, it might be just a myth
I know that Autodesk gathers info about the programs you downloaded but only if you agree to download additional things, problably it's a similar case

I like it a lot. AMAZING uv and selection tools.
good to hear, I rarely see modo talked about on this board
Great program. Infinitely more pleasant for me to work with than Autodesk shit. But just like Blender, it's not really industry standard afaik, and pirating it sounds scary so unfortunately I'm not using it anymore.

Atm I'm thinking about going back to 3ds max from blender because le industry, but I'm having a hard time getting used to the workflow after experiencing the glorious blender modeling. I absolutely hate having to use the buttons, but it doesn't seem like 100% hotkey based workflow is possible here, unlike with blender. If only Modo was the third industry standard option, I'd jump to it in a heartbeat.
Much superior to Maya and Max if all you need to to is model.

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