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What's better to start learning with blender or Houdini?
sticky thread faggot

doesnt matter
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I'll go ahead and derail this into a blender questions thread.

I am looking to do some lewd animations for the Sims 4 but the standard sim rig is damn near unworkable. I'm going to need to IK it. Rigify doesn't work even when you try to constrain to the deform mesh, so I am simply asking if you guys can think of a pain free IK tutorial or suggestions.
Pretty sure any custom rigs you make won't be compatible with the game. IIRC, TS4 doesn't support external IK animations for some reason. Maybe it's changed in later updates, but when I last played (early this year) IK support just wasn't a thing hence many animations not working well with extreme proportions.
Blender overall got a pretty helpful community. Just check out YouTube, BlenderGuru got plenty of tutorials to get started.
if you learn houdini you wont be able to go back to other packages
Can confirm. Even though I still use Blender for non-procedural modeling.
Yeah, it's true. There's no direct IK support, but people are coming up with control rigs. The sim armatures are constrained to IK bones, so the rig is unmodified. The animator then bakes the animations into the Sim armature.

I'm looking for a way to get a rigify to constrain the animation, but the bone rolls are screwed up and the sim bones are all rotated making y rotations fucked.
Don't do Houdini. You'll 'Houdini' better than your father 'Houdini'd' you.
Ah, I see. Y'know, the sex modding scene has always impressed me. The amount of effort that goes into virtual sex. I don't have much experience in rigging so I can't help you any further, but I'm guessing you can just rig it the same way you would any other humanoid model. Just search up "blender IK rigging" on youtube, there's a million videos on that topic there.
Yeah, that'll have to be da wae for me. And yes, the sims sex is pretty awesome.
>what's better to start learning with Legos or Jet Engine Thermodynamic Cycle Engineer

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