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I keep wondering this, and I dont really know what to do. I need some tips

>Working with a highpoly model in zbrush. I reduced the polycount and detail a lot with zremesher. Im going to use it as a static mesh in Unreal
>I only want to pose the character (its going to be a statue). No rigging. I already have all the uv maps too

How bad would be to keep the highpoly model, decimate it, lose all the clean topology and then importing it in UE4?
Is it doable? Would it react bad to lighting? Or would it be better to stick to the lowpoly and bad detailed one instead?
A static mesh can be whatever clusterfuck of triangles and squares and ngons that you want, if it looks ok in your modelling viewport it'll look ok in UE4....


Good luck unwrapping decimated topology. So you'll have to unwrap it before decimation and remember to preserve UVs in pre-calculation for decimation, or....

Just reproject your hipoly detail back into your ZRemesh. You have tried that already I take it? And if you've laid out the UVs a
Ready, why are you just not baking it?

If I were you I would;
1. Output your hi-res model for baking
2. Create a mid-poly decimated duplicate, this is just a reference for your retopolo object so it doesn't matter how rough it is, just so long as 3DS Max or whatever can open it
3. Export your ZRemesh (after at least trying to reproject the hipoly onto it) and bring that into Max alongside the mid-poly version from step 2, set the midpoly as a draw-on surface and go over your ZRemesh with the conform brush.

Voila - quick retop.
Thanks for your reply anon, your method sounds better, I already thought about the problem about trying to unwrap lighting maps from a decimated model.

Ok, so, let me get things straight (I come from archviz so Im not used to organic workflow)

1. Already baked all the textures, diffuse and normal from the highpoly model. This highpoly is a 1.5gb fbx file
2. Decimated model is just 20mb, done
3. Zremeshed version done already, 90mb, I can open it in 3dsmax fairly well

So, now this step is using which option from 3dsmax? Is there any tutorial from it?
This guy is wrong.
Crazy triangles will cause you lighting trouble in pretty much any game engine. Handplanes is a free tool that can help mitigate some of the damage, if you know what your target engine is.
OP, get back to tutorials. It sounds like you're skipping around or self teaching from random small tutorials (as opposed to stealing a comprehensive course), which is why you've never heard of retopologizing until now.

Since you're focusing on Zbrush I'd encourage you to go pirate Gnomon DVDs, or at the very least look at a syllabus or title of all the lessons and then compose a self study guide based on that.

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