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Hi, guys, I recently started to design some furniture, where i have to incorporate some acanthus leaf designs.

The problem is, that i have no clue on how I should go about this. Normally I use Autocad for furniture design and Zbrush for more organic stuff. But the problem I am running into is, that I have no idea, how to make a one of those retarded scroll patterns in Zbrush. There are basically 2 options:

A) Use Zmodeler: Most scroll designs are pretty complex, so it is going to be an ass load of work doing all the detail work in zmodeler.

B)Using Brushes: Also going to be pretty hard, due to lots of semi hard surfaces and geometry that is derived from specific chisel shapes, that has to stay consistent throughout everything, flowing into each other.

So my idea was to block out the basic shapes, by using either masking and extruding or zmodeler and then working in the details with normal brushes. I have made it past the first step ezpz, but I can't seem to work in stuff, like the outer and inner curves on the leaves, since they are such a shitty mix of organic and hard surfaces.

I am not that bad at Zbrush (can make basic stuff like assets for video games and animals), but I have been trying for two days now and i can never get this shit to look right. On top of all that, my file got corrupted when Zbrush crased today and now I am srsly thinking about just throwing my tablet out the window.

So, what brushes would you guys use to make pic related?
lol i dunno

But I came across this the other day while searching for this topic: https://vimeo.com/101276067 Maybe it'll be useful.

I'm also interested in this, so hoping for a more informed answer too.
This doesn't look that hard man I could do it in blender in like 5 minutes. Apply yourself.
If you can get over the urge to start reeeee-ing about blender, this channel has quite a few baroque decoration timelapses that should cover what you want: https://www.youtube.com/user/1DInciner

People usually start from a plane that they extrude along the reference to create the shape.

For which I would first have to learn blender, which takes like forever. I already know Autocad, Zbrush, Sketchup and some Maya, I don't have time to learn a 5th program just because of 1 project.


Have you read my post? I am doing that, but I don't know which brush to use to create the curved planes on the inside and the bevel on the outside and how to make them flow nicely into each other, while still mainting those solid surfaces.

Make an IMM brush out of them
This. I would find a photo of the carving you want then create an alpha mask of it into photoshop to serve as a template. Draw that into a sphere or plane then after its detailed export it to an imm brush.
41yo boomer here.
I'm stone carver and I'm on suicide watch for the last 10 years or so because of 3D software, CAD/CAM, 3D printers, CNC routers and shit.

Feels bad man
File: 20170427_104520.jpg (2.23 MB, 2272x1506)
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forgot pic
File: 2642_Fill_800_800.jpg (165 KB, 1199x800)
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A gentle reminder that this kind of work is being done by people like you.
Heh... you think you've got it bad.

>Be me
>Prefer to do things by hand
>Family has been building/carving wood for over a hundred years.
>Father got more into general construction
>Father didn't pass on to me the techniques of his father, etc.
>Learn AutoCad and various 3D software for business
>2007 hits construction industry
>2008 there is no work for the business
>2009 there are only government contracts for minorities
>2010 stress from no work causes my dad has a stroke. Can no longer do math.
>2011 second stroke, loses ability to communicate
>I am stuck relearning techniques we lost
>Building a business now myself doing things that should have been my birthright
>Because of oldfags not teaching me how to triforce it is simply easier to use my CNC for complicated things
>Stuck now getting shit from oldfags because I'm in my family's industry using computers.
>Still do small custom things by hand when I can.
No, thanks.
File: 1530433803586.jpg (49 KB, 645x729)
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Play it in slo-mo if you can't keep up.
I can timelapse just fine. That's not the problem, m8.
this is stupid, just use the sculpt tool with dynamesh on.
How is that bad? You're paving the way for your company to adapt and survive.

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